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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

‘Tis the season to be traveling. Or was it jolly? Why not give them the best of both worlds?

Is there a special someone in your life who never seems to stay in one place? Finding the perfect gift for a seasoned traveler can be tricky, because they’d often prefer experiences over physical presents under the tree. But it can be done!

As you prep for the holiday season, we hope you enjoy this comprehensive guide of gift ideas to delight every type of jetsetter in your life! Who knows, you may get lucky and get invited along for their next spur of the moment adventure :)

Holiday gift guide

Table of Contents


conquest maps

Pin Board Travel Map: Starting at $99

Help keep the excitement of travel alive even once the globetrotter is back on familiar grounds! With this beautiful statement piece for their home, they can track where they’ve visited and get inspiration to fuel future adventures.

A USA map is great for charting their progress in visiting all 50 states, exploring the National Parks, or hitting all of the stadiums of their favorite sport. The international jetsetter will love a World map to track all of their favorite countries and cities around the globe. Grab a State map for the one with local pride.

Make it a unique gift with a variety of styles and sizes. You can personalize the legend with the recipient's name, a favorite travel quote, or a special date. Then pick from a variety of fun pin colors. Looking for a lower price alternative? Poster maps start at just $21!


Travel Jacket: $919

For the one who dreads being uncomfortable in the cold and wet, Columbia’s OutDry EX Caldorado Shell is for them. It’s lightweight, breathable and waterproof, great for multi-weather destination traveling. Plus, avoid sweaty pits with underarm venting. The jacket is easy to pack as it contains itself within its chest pocket when folded. Comes in two colors for both men and women.

travel pillow

Travel Pillow: $29.99

No more nodding heads! The TRTL pillow is perfect for planes and car rides when the passenger can’t help but sleep upright. Internal support for the head and neck offers the most ergonomic position possible. It features cushioning on the inside and is covered in soft fleece for the most comfortable experience imaginable. It is also super lightweight compared to other travel pillows at only half a pound. And just throw it in the machine washer to clean!

travel bag

Theft Resistant Travel Bag: $99

One of the best portable travel bags out there, the LOCTOTE Flak Sak Sport is famed for being lightweight, theft-resistant,and slash-resistant. With its heavy-duty combination lock, you can assure their belongings will be safe through it all. It also contains a large RFID blocking pocket to protect credit cards, passports, and transportation cards from unauthorized scanning. Available in a variety of earthy colors.

phone case

Waterproof Phone Case: $33-63 depending on size

Perfect for every adventure seeking and accident prone being. LifeProof cases are waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof and snowproof with a scratch protector for the screen. Includes a one year warranty for replacement. Available in a variety of colors and for most types of phones.

dry pack

Waterproof Dry Pak: $19-36 depending on size

Keep their personal items dry and protected on adventures - at the beach, boating, kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing and more. The EarthPak also comes with a waterproof phone case. Available in 10L-55L and in a variety of colors to suit their mood.

camera backpack

Camera Backpack: $63

This trendy Evercase canvas backpack features an adjustable interior which can fit most DSLR camera bodies, 2-5 lenses, a 14” laptop, tripod, and additional accessories such as batteries, cables, memory cards and lens caps. The material is water resistant (includes a rain cover too!) and durable as well as padded to keep their valuable equipment safe. The fashionable look of the bag makes it less discreet as a camera bag while traveling.



Nothing quite delivers the message of travel like a thin slip of airline paper (more likely an email these days) that has a new destination written on it. But this is really only suitable for people who already know where and when they want to go.

If you want to give the gift of adventure, but are unsure of where someone will travel next, gift cards — such as to hotels, Airbnb, airlines, Uber to leave it open ended for the receiver. Also, fun-filled experience packages like a scuba diving lesson, cooking class, or a trek through the safari can be just as motivating as a plane ticket.

TSA Pre✓®: $85 for 5 years

For domestic travel, TSA Pre✓® is a game changer! Speed them through security in more than 130 domestic airports - saving their time and sanity.

Global Entry: $100 for 5 years

For frequent international travelers, the Global Entry program is a great gift to allow them to zip through customs with ease.

Priority Pass: Standard: $99/year, Standard Plus: $249/year, Prestige: $399/year

Flight delays and long layovers don’t need to be such a pain! Grant them access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide, to enjoy a quiet and comfortable space with complimentary drinks, snacks, and Wi-Fi while waiting for their flight. Note that depending on membership level, additional visit fees may apply. But they can invite guests at a discounted rate!

National Parks Annual Pass: $80 for one year.
A year-long pass perfect for those who love exploring the great outdoors across the USA. They will get full access to all national parks and are able to bring three adults as guests (could be you!



Lightweight Luggage Set: $125

This ultra-lightweight and spacious 3 piece set includes a variety of sizes - carry-on, medium checked and large checked. Each case features 4 wheels for easy 360-degree maneuverability. A variety of colors and styles including hard shell and frameless are available and at an incredibly affordable price!

beverage canteen

Beverage Canteen: $32.95

Made for all occasions - the mountains, city walks, and beach days, this is the only beverage container they’ll ever travel with again! The stainless steel canteen keep liquids cool for up to 25 hours or hot for over 12 hours. Three layers of insulation also prevent condensation and won't burn your hands. Its shatterproof interior doesn't affect or retain taste so you can easily switch between coffee, water and cocktails. Available in a variety of sizes and bold colors.


Camping Double Hammock: $69.95

Whether backpacking, camping, beaching, or in their own backyard, a sturdy two person hammock will give them a cozy rest just about anywhere. The lightweight nylon fabric makes it easy to carry wherever the adventure takes them. Available in 14 fun colors.


Microfiber Travel Towel Set: $12-$18 depending on size

Great for swimming, showering, beaching, hiking and more. The extra absorbent fabric soaks up 5x its weight in water for the fastest drying imaginable for a towel (Almost 10x faster than cotton). It’s also super soft against the skin and controls odor from mildew. They are compact and lightweight making it easy to carry in their travels and takes up minimal space in their bag. Each set comes with two towels in the chosen size, bag and carabiner to hook to a larger bag.


Packing Cubes: $24.99

Made of durable, water resistant nylon to hold up to the wear and tear of travel. Four cubes ranging in size from XS to XL, each 4 inches deep to fit loads of clothes. A laundry bag is also included to keep dirty clothes as they build up. Available in 8 bold colors.


gopro hero

GoPro Hero: On Sale: $167

Every adventurer needs a GoPro Hero to document those deep dives, mountain climbs and skydiving experiences. Waterproof and durable to reach where an iPhone can’t. Set up voice commands to tell the GoPro to start and stop recording and take photos. Best part? If it breaks on these adventures, GoPro will replace it at no charge!

4-IN-1 Phone Lens: $69.99

Can’t afford a fancy camera? A 4-in-one Ollo Clip interchangeable lens for iPhone is just the ticket! Comes with a Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro 15x lens. Simple to use even if he or she isn’t a pro photog. Works on both front and rear cameras so they are always selfie ready. Perfect for the avid instagrammer.

water sterilizer

Water Sterilizer: $82.63

If they often visit countries where it’s not safe to drink the water, a SteriPen Adventurer Opti saves the cost and environmental impact of constantly buying bottled water. Reusable for over 2,000 gallons of water and destroys more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria that could get you sick. Simply put it in a water bottle or cup of water (even from a lake, pond, or ocean) and the UV light purifies it until it is safe to drink, all in just 90 seconds!


Mophie Juice Pack: $99.95

Make it simpler to charge their phone without the cords or heavy power cubes. This lightweight case provides 60% extra charge and the LED light at back tells how much juice remains. It also doubles as a durable case for for drops and hard falls with raised edges for added protection against cracked screens.


Bose QuietComfort Headphones: $249

Shut out the world and get lost in your music, then tune back into your environment with these powerful headphones. Turn on noise cancelling to reduce distractions or turn on Aware mode to hear what’s happening around you at the touch of a button. You can also switch with ease between calls and music on your iPhone. Enjoy a comfortable in-ear fit and deep, clear sound.


Flexible Mini Tripod: $22.99

Fotopro Flexible tripod is sturdy and durable. The legs can be bent and attached to most any surface - pole, tree, bike, etc - so they can capture different angles and get that perfect shot. It can also be used for selfies and group shots where everyone wants to be included. The 360° swivel head allows them to take horizontal or vertical photos. It is light and portable to take on any adventure! Compatible with most DSLR Cameras, Gopros and iPhones, and at a very affordable price point!



Travel Scarf: $49.99-$64.99

Perfect for keeping a passport, wallet, chapstick, phone and other travel essentials safe and easily accessible. The best accessory for days sightseeing, nights out in the city, or chilly airports. No need to worry about pickpockets or falling asleep on a train because no one will ever know that the goods are in a hidden pocket of a Speakeasy travel scarf.


Cityscape Rings: $99

Did you fall in love with your favorite city from it’s sprawling skyline? London, NYC, Dubai, oh my! Make a statement with these unique rings featuring 40 famous places to flaunt from around the world! Sterling silver is the cheapest option, but also available in gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.


Coordinates Necklace: Starting at $60

Whether it's the latitude and longitude of their favorite city, their hometown, where they got engaged, or where you last vacationed together, you can customize the necklace with any coordinates around the world. Crafted in your choice of 14K gold and rose gold filled, sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold.


World Map Watch: $142

Bring on the bling! Oversized watches are all the rage these days and the glitzy world map face makes this Michael Kors World Map Watch unique. Available in gold and rose gold.


Country Bracelets: Beads $10-20, Bracelet $28-48

So long charm bracelets! Each El Camino bracelet is a unique representation of the path a person has traveled around the world. Choose from a double or single bracelet in a variety of colors, over 240 country beads, large cities, oceans and regions and even customize your own beads!


World Map Shoes: $60

Make a statement with these brightly watercolored canvas slip-on shoes. Comfy, practical and gorgeous! A gift they won’t be able to wait to show off!

escape bag

Escape Canvas Bag: From $99

Make your getaway in style! The ESCAPE Canvas Utility Bag is spacious and sturdy, perfect for a weekend trip. Also available in navy, black, olive and khaki and with the words “WANDER” “BLISS” and “GETAWAY” Can be monogrammed for just $20 more!


travel journal

Travel Journal: $8.99

An old fashioned journal is the best way to document all the stories that happen along the way. Refillable with unlined paper so they can write or doodle their way through travels. Prefer quirky, fill-in-the-blank style? Try: I Was Here: A Travel Journal for the Curious Minded.

Other great gift ideas are Rosetta Stone for a truly immersive language learning experience and adult travel coloring books for long trips and relaxation. Also check out our full list of favorite books to spark wanderlust and even more fun gift ideas to document their travels.

Ultimate Journeys for Two Book: $17.56

An inspirational read by the famous travel blogging couple of HoneyTrek, who've been traveling for six years together on the world's longest honeymoon. They've showcased their favorite 75 destinations as well as top tips for couples adventure. It's full of off-the-track gems, touching stories, and sound advice for couples wanting to make travel a bigger part of their lives.



Atlas Coffee Club: 3 month: $60, 6 month: $109, 12 month: $199

Taste exotic coffee from some of the top growing regions around the world. Each box includes a batch of single origin coffee and postcard from a new country each month, tasting notes and brewing tips.


WanderAway: $44.97 bimonthly, $124.97 for 6-months or $219.27 for 12 months

For the ultimate global wanderers! Each box features a new destination to explore unique cultures from around the world. The contents are crafted by local artisans and small businesses of the region and are curated to appeal to the senses. They will enjoy everything from coffees, teas, candy and spices to soaps, candles and incense, all inspired by the region of the month.

Travel Photography Course: $99

For the budding photographer looking to document their journeys visually! This eight-week online course takes them beyond auto on their DSLR, teaching everything from the very basics to composition, light, editing, and mobile photography. Then onto more advanced skills such as night photography, long exposure and timelapse. They don’t need any fancy equipment or previous experience – and it is self-paced so they can go at their own speed!

world traveler

The Wordy Traveler: $49.99 or $109.99 per quarter for either “Backpacking” or “Full Suitcase”

For the bookworms! The ones whose trips are inspired by reading about faraway lands. The full subscription includes three books, one fine art print, and an ethically-sourced tea and each subscription also helps women and girls in need of education.

Cairn: $29.95/month

For the outdoor adventurers! They will receive a curated mix of products such as cold weather apparel, trail snacks, camping gear, and navigational tools. Cairns will personalize the box based on their favorite outdoor activities, apparel sizes, food and drink preferences, and add some extras in if they have a pup to take along on adventures.


Try the World: Countries Box: $29-39/month depending on payment plan

For the foodies! A yummy selection of gourmet foods from around the world. A new country is featured each month including snacks, drinks and ingredients from the region. Help the couple create a global culinary experience from the comfort of their own home.


stocking stuffers

Minimergency Travel Kit

Help them be prepared for any mishap thrown their way with a Minimergency travel kit. Designed for minimum space and maximum in-flight comfort, the adorable gold bag is packed with headphones, eye mask, hand lotion, stain remover, tablet stand and 18 other travel essentials.


5-in-1 Universal adapter: $35

Throw out the pile of random adapters! This compact adapter enables travelers to plug in in 150 countries, and it comes with a color-coded map to make it easy to determine which prong situation accompanies which destination. Plus: 2 USB ports! (Note: Does not convert power voltage)


Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet $12.99

Function meets style meets durability with this super slim, sleek, and real leather wallet. They block RFID signals to keep their identity protected while they shop or explore a new city. Perfect for both men and women and available in a wide range of 30+ colors.


Luggage Scale: $11.99

Avoid those hefty bag fees by weighing luggage before you go! Simply hook your baggage onto the durable steel hook and the scale will display results within seconds. Convert units between pounds and kilograms for easy calculations when traveling overseas.


Tile Mate: $24.99 for one or $59.99 for a 4-pack

The ultimate wallet finder, phone finder, keys finder. This handy Bluetooth tracker is such a smart buy. Even attach it to luggage or passport, or anything else valuable that you may need to track its location. It all integrates with your smartphone app. Can't find your phone? Press Tile's button twice and it'll ring, even on silent. Your Tile isn’t where you left it? You can anonymously enlist help to find your item in the world’s largest lost and found network. Battery lasts one year before replacement. Also available in Slim and Pro versions.


Travel Cord Roll $20

No more untangling a messy handful of cords just to charge your phone. Keep electronics cords compact and at the ready in this stylish organizer.

luggage set

Passport Cover + Luggage Tag Set: $19.99

A chic matching passport cover and luggage tags. The passport cover also has a wallet side to conveniently hold cash and credit cards.

So for those wanderlusters with passport in hand and suitcase always at the ready, surprise them with one of these useful gifts and help them make memories of a lifetime. The only thing missing is the plane ticket!

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