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Unique Africa Wall Map Art for Travelers

Planning and tracking your travels should be simple – and stylish! With over 12 beautiful designs and infinite personalization possibilities, you can create a unique piece of Africa map art that showcases your travels the way they deserve. Dress it up with a frame, expansion pin board, specialty pins, and more. Your Africa push pin map should be as unique as your adventures!

Personalized Africa Travel Maps – Bring Your Journey to Life on Your Wall!

There are so many reasons why you should be tracking your travels on your push pin Africa wall map. Visualizing your bucket list keeps you inspired to achieve your goals, and even makes it more likely you will accomplish them! You can’t beat the feeling of switching the pin colors as you mark another destination off your bucket list.

Personalizing your legend takes your Africa map art to the next level! You can include your name(s), a quote, and 1-3 pin lines to make an Africa travel map that is uniquely yours. Choose your pin colors or check out our specialty pin selection to celebrate those extra-special destinations!

Each map is available in a variety of sizes or as a poster, so you can find the perfect travel map for any room or budget. Complement your Africa wall map with custom canvas print photos of your favorite travel memories and landscapes!

It’s your travel story – and we are here to help you tell it!