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The Mercator Projection World Map

The Mercator Projection World Map is one of the oldest projections still in use today. Schools worldwide use it because of its simplicity and ease of use. Here at Conquest Maps, we’ve had our Mercator maps for sale since we began offering personalized travel maps!

Origin of the Mercator Projection Personalized Travel Map

Map projections are used to create a two-dimensional representation of our three-dimensional world. The earliest projections were created in the 6th century, BC. While not the oldest, the Mercator Projection has been in use since its creation in 1569 by Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator.

Due to the fact that it had lines of constant true direction (meaning, north is straight up from any point on the map), it quickly became wildly popular for navigation. In fact, it remains one of the most popular map projections in use today.

How to tell if the Mercator Map is right for you

At Conquest Maps, we want to make sure you get just the right personalized travel map based on your decor and your needs. If decor is your most important factor, consider the style you’re most interested in.

The Mercator Projection’s rectangular shape and multiple color options lend themselves well to more modern decor. The Winkel Tripel Projection has an old world feel to it, lending itself well to a more rich, classic decor.

When planning your travels, consider the Mercator projection if your adventures will keep you closer to the equator, in places such as Indonesia. It’s these locations where the map tends to be the most accurate.

If you are planning on traveling to locations closer to the poles, the Winkel Tripel will give you a less distorted idea of your excursions to these locations than the Mercator. Whichever choice you make, plan your next adventure with a Mercator map, now for sale at Conquest Maps.