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Why a Push Pin Map is 100% Worth the Investment

Why a Push Pin Map is 100% Worth the Investment

So you want to track your travels on a premium push pin map, but you’re concerned that it might be too expensive? We get it – your money is important to you, and it’s tricky enough to save up for a trip, let alone a nice map to pin your destinations on!

Well, we have a question for you:

Do you want to travel more often and make the trips you take more fulfilling?

We are guessing this answer is crystal clear: of course!

We understand this may be an investment for you. But it is a worthwhile one - guaranteed! 

Here’s why:

You are guaranteed to travel more!

With Conquest Maps, you get more than just a map. Once you start documenting your travel experiences on your new push pin map, you are certain to stay inspired to expand your horizons and see even more of the world. You’ll constantly crave that next trip on the horizon and truly make traveling a priority in your life.

By hanging your map in a prominent spot in your home (think above the couch, on the mantle or over the bed), it will be a constant reminder of all of the amazing trips you’ve taken and all the places you can’t wait to go next!

You will find yourself much more motivated to plan out your bucket list and keep your travel goals always top of mind. You are statistically proven to be 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, and since you will have a daily visualization of your travel goals right in front of you, you are significantly more likely to make them happen!

When friends and family visit your home and check out your map, you won’t have to just tell them your travel stories – you can show them! And because you’ll pin where you want to visit in the future, you are 65% more likely to make your travel goals a reality (accountability is key)!

It’s much easier to keep track of where you’ve been.

Sure, there are other options to keep track of all of the destinations you have visited. You could keep a spreadsheet or list on your phone, a stack of postcards, or scroll back through tons of Facebook photos. But these methods are all missing a big component: tying it all together into one unified picture and showcasing your unique life journey in a beautiful way!

And just wait for that sense of accomplishment you feel as you add more and more pins to your map or swap out your “yet to explore” pin colors after returning home from a trip.

You can also keep your past travels fresh in your mind and recount your travel experiences proudly with family and friends (so much nostalgia)! Perhaps you’ll get them to join in on the fun as well (or maybe they were on a trip with you and it’s a chance to reminisce on all the amazing adventures you had). There’s not a better conversation starter, just you wait and see!

Quality and satisfaction are our priority.

As a small business, we put love and care into every map. They are assembled and shipped from Columbus, Ohio, USA, and we offer uncompromised quality that you can’t find anywhere else.

We have specifically engineered our pin boards to be stronger, lighter, and last longer by using 100% natural, eco-friendly wood and wood fiber materials for our frames, NOT flimsy expanded foam that will just end up in a landfill in a handful of years (so you can feel good about your purchase)!

Additionally, our print clarity can’t be beat! Our printers print at the highest resolution commercially available and use 12 different inks so your map is as vivid and detailed as possible.

At every step in our process, there is a human touch, and therefore an irreplaceable eye for quality control throughout production. Your end-to-end experience with us is just as important. We carefully pack every item so that the only thing that could possibly keep it from getting to you safely is the very off chance that it gets run over by a truck or stabbed through by a forklift! (as ridiculous as that may sound, it’s happened… and we promptly sent a replacement!)

If you need help at any point in the buying process, our excellent customer service team is here for you. Your map will typically ship within one to two business days and it will usually take between one and five business days to be delivered within the USA. So you won’t be waiting long to start enjoying your map!

Lastly, to make the purchase a little easier on the wallet, we offer an easy way to buy now and pay later. With ShopPay, you can divide your payments into four installments with zero interest and zero added fees.

We believe that travel is one of the greatest sources of fulfillment in life. And the last thing we want you to do is to look back at the end of your life and wish you had experienced more of the world. There are endless possibilities out there, just waiting for you to explore!

So yes, this map is absolutely worth it.

Your new map will encourage you to set, track and achieve your travel goals like never before. It will be a conversation starter, visual inspiration, and a keepsake that will last a lifetime!

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