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Pin Board vs Poster

Conquest Maps Happy Customers

Our mission...

is to provide products that motivate people to travel, experience, and learn as much as they can about the world. To help achieve this, we offer pin board and poster maps to suit a variety of budgets and purposes. From travel planning to educational activities to conversation-inspiring home decor, the possibilities are endless when you have a travel map from Conquest Maps!

  • Over 50,000 travelers inspired
  • 750+ 5-star reviews
  • Handmade in the USA since 2013

Trying to decide between a push pin map and a poster map? Here’s how to narrow it down:

Pin Board Map

Conquest Map Push Pin Map

Our push pin travel maps are printed on premium stretched canvas and wrapped around an internal wood frame. There is a durable ½” layer of eco-friendly wood fiber pin board in between this internal piece and the map print, so that when you place pins, they stay snugly in place. This option is ideal for travel enthusiasts or anyone planning their bucket list adventures!


  • Pins stay in place when pushed into the durable ½” wood fiber pin board. Enjoy limitless pinning!
  • Most major cities are labeled using up-to-date map data.
  • You can personalize the legend to make the map uniquely yours.
  • Made with fade-resistant ink to last for years to come (just keep out of direct sunlight!)
  • Printed on premium-quality stretched canvas.
  • Each map is handmade in the USA, so you can expect a high quality product that is not mass-produced.
  • Ready-to-hang with all hardware included (just need a hammer!)
  • You have the option to order it pre-framed in a decorative solid wood frame.

Why Choose Me?

  • You want to track your past travel experiences and commemorate your favorite getaways.
  • You hope to inspire and plan future trips to come.
  • You want to keep your bucket list top-of-mind, whether it’s across the country or across the world!

Complementary products:

Poster Map

Conquest Map Psoter

Our poster maps are a budget-friendly alternative to our push pin maps. These matte paper prints feature the same unique map designs as our signature push pin maps. While poster travel maps do not come with pins or a frame, you are free to add your own frame, track your travels using "pin" stickers, or DIY your own push pin map!


  • A budget-friendly option featuring the same unique designs.
  • All major cities are labeled using up-to-date map data.
  • You can personalize the legend to make the map uniquely yours.
  • Printed on heavy and durable matte paper. They do not come laminated.
  • Made with fade resistant ink to last for years to come (just keep out of direct sunlight!)
  • Though they don’t allow for pinning, they are a gorgeous and unique piece of travel-inspired art.

NOTE: While we carry frames for our push pin maps, we do not offer frames for poster maps at this time. (arttoframe.com is a great resource if you do wish to frame your poster map!)

Why Choose Me?

  • You want to display your map simply as a piece of artwork.
  • You’d like to utilize it as an educational tool for at-home or classroom learning.
  • You have an idea for a fun DIY project -- think decoupage, laminating or making your own push pin map. The possibilities are endless!

Complementary products:

What size do I need?

The larger the map, the more pins you can fit without looking cluttered. And the better you can see the city labels!

  • A 24” x 16” map is ideal for pinning countries or states.
  • A 36” x 24” map is ideal for pinning countries, states and a moderate amount of cities.
  • A 48” x 32” single panel map is Ideal for pinning cities.
  • A 54” x 36” 3-panel map is ideal for pinning lots of cities.

Now let’s take a look at how much space you have in the room you want to feature the map.

  • A 54” x 36” 3-panel or 48” x 32” single panel map looks great in large areas such as family rooms and company offices. It makes a statement and becomes the talking point of the room.
  • A 36” x 24” map makes a powerful impact on a mantel, in a home office, or in a dining room.
  • A 24” x 16” map works well as part of a gallery wall or in smaller spaces like a guest room or kitchen.
Conquest Maps
Conquest Maps Golden Aged
Conquest Maps natural earth
Conquest Maps  Deep Espresso
Conquest Maps Classic Marble
Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage

What pins match best?

We have recommended push pin colors with each map style that have been carefully selected by our team with an eye for design!

  • Modern Slate: Sky Blue and Deep Blue
  • Golden Age: Midnight Black and Natural Tan
  • Natural Earth: Deep Blue and Forest Green
  • Deep Espresso: Clean White and Spring Green
  • Classic Marble: Light Grey and Light Blue
  • Rustic Vintage: Coffee Brown and Natural Tan
  • Navy Color Splash: Luxury Gold and Soft Orange
  • Light Gray Color Splash: Sunrise Yellow and Deep Blue
  • Dark Gray Color Splash: Crimson Red and Chrome Black
  • Teal Color Splash: Clean White and Soft Orange
  • Light Brown Color Splash: Matte Black and Striking Silver
  • Light Blue Color Splash: Deep Blue and Vintage Bronze
  • Pink Color Splash: Coffee Brown and Luxury Gold
  • Green Color Splash: Clean White and Soft Orange
  • Dark Brown Color Splash: Natural Tan and Vintage Bronze
  • Purple Color Splash: Light Gray and Chrome Black
  • Yellow Color Splash: Deep Blue and Clean White
  • Burgundy Color Splash: Clean White and Luxury Gold

Ready to start building your map?