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Why "Conquest Maps"

Why "Conquest Maps"

What does our name, Conquest Maps, actually mean?

When I started Conquest Maps in 2013, it was because my wife and I wanted to travel more, and naturally wanted to track where we had been and wanted to go. Everyone has a unique relationship with travel, but in our case, we knew our lives would only get busier as we built our family and careers. We knew we would have to be deliberate about our efforts to travel if we were ever going to see as much of the world as we wanted.

So when I made the very first push pin map prototype, I chose to title our legend with "Our Conquest", as that was the map that my wife and I were going to use to track our own travels.

Simply put, that means that we were going to be very deliberate in "conquering" our travel bucket list. We weren't going to let hurdles stand in our way. We were going to aggressively pursue our travel dreams, not sit back and hope they just happened. This was our new life together, and we were going to do whatever it took to turn our "Yet to Explore" pins into "Past Adventure" pins.

For many people, the lack of such a commitment is a primary reason why they do not achieve what they want to in life. We recognized that "someday" rarely happens. If you want to see or do something, you must be deliberate about it. We did not want to fall into that trap!

All this to say that this is why the title of "Our Conquest" was very purposeful. And as this concept was solidifying in my head, it eventually became clear to me that I wanted to help others achieve their own travel goals (which they otherwise might not have achieved). And that is why I chose to call my business Conquest Maps!

As we have continued to grow, we have worked to further define what we stand for as a company. Conquest Maps exists to help people travel more by providing the means to track, plan, and achieve their travel dreams. We help people to be deliberate about setting travel goals and overcoming those hurdles that often prevent many of us from achieving our goals.

We very literally do want you to conquer your self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and lack of direction, motivation, and travel goals. We absolutely want you to conquer the uninformed beliefs you may hold about other cultures, places, and people. And we want you to conquer anything that is holding you back from your own personal journey of growth and learning that is essential both for your own fulfillment and the collective enlightenment of society.

This is what travel is all about. That is what Conquest Maps is all about.

People travel for pleasure, relaxation, exploration, adventure, education, experience, culture, work, charity, religion, curiosity, and plenty of other reasons. At its core, travel opens your mind through experience and exposure to new things. It broadens your horizons and gives you greater perspective. It helps you develop traits within yourself that help make you the best version of yourself, which in turn benefits those around you.

Ultimately, we here at Conquest Maps believe that travel is a powerful and necessary antidote to bigotry, ignorance, and limiting beliefs. We believe that by helping others travel, our company will help make the world a better place in our own little way.

I hope this explanation has been helpful! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I'm forever grateful to our customers and supporters, and of course our amazing Conquest Maps team for working so hard to do what we do. And maybe most importantly, I'm thankful to have the opportunity to have a positive impact in the world, which we will continue to do in greater and greater ways as time goes on.


Founder / CEO

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