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About Conquest Maps

Thanks for stopping by!

Wondering who's behind all of these travel and map shenanigans?? I'll get you up to speed.

I'm Ross, the creator/founder/designer/whatever-you-want-to-call-me of Conquest Maps! I'm not the entire company anymore, though. I get a lot of really great help from some very important people.

And while I didn't realize it while it was happening, our story is actually pretty neat. Here we go!

The Team

Ross Worden - Conquest Maps Owner

Ross Worden

Owner / Founder

I technically started this business in our 1-bedroom apartment in 2013. Since then, I've worn basically every hat under the Conquest Maps roof! I continue to build the business full time, having quit my full time industrial design job in September 2016. Loving it!

Chris Obenour - Conquest Maps Team

Chris Obenour

Manufacturing / Warehouse

"Obie" is the power house of map-making that you never knew existed! His focus ranges from breaking down raw materials to stretching canvas prints and boxing up orders. He's been with us since 2015.

Katie Carlson - Conquest Maps Team

Katie Carlson

Order Mgmt / Cust. Service / Marketing

Katie is one of the many reasons our customers are always happy! She answers all the questions, makes sure orders are running smoothly, and keeps our social media channels in tip top shape! Katie joined the team in 2016.

We're Hiring - Conquest Maps Team

We're Hiring!

Production / Building Team Member

Check out our current opportunity here: Careers

Our Beginnings

My wife and I love to travel and explore new places. We decided we needed a really great map to keep track of all the places we've visited on various vacations and trips, and where we still wanted to go.

After extensive searching, I just couldn't find that perfect one. There were numerous pinable maps out there, but nothing really got us excited. So... I decided to make it!

I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted to make. Here were my criteria:

  • Self-contained. We were definitely going to move out of our apartment, so we didn't want to just put a poster on the wall and end up having to re-pin everything later on.
  • Feature real cork to accept push pins, making it far more durable than the typical foam board used elsewhere.
  • Stretched canvas/gallery wrap style for a super clean yet modern look.
  • A classic, vintage, antiqued aesthetic, but current map data.
  • Simple colors. Many older map styles featured a rainbow of borders, even if they were very faint. We wanted a nice home décor piece.
  • Something I could make using tools I had access to and materials that were available.

So after some late nights designing it in Photoshop/Illustrator, that very first map was finally able to be printed. Having had experience printing and wrapping canvas photo prints, it was just a matter of getting the right materials and assembly worked out.

The final map pin board turned out great (we thought so at least)! I presented it to my wife for a birthday gift, and that map is still hanging in our dining room accumulating pins!

What Made Us Get Serious

When my wife and I first set out to document our travels and we just couldn’t find that one map that really got us excited (as I talked about above), I realized there was a great opportunity here to make something we really wanted, but also to provide that to the rest of the world who was looking for the same thing. Literally nobody else made a pin-able map with a traditional stretched canvas aesthetic and an internal frame. Challenge accepted!

This company became the perfect creative outlet for me, and it's a bit of an addiction. It's a constant teacher, as there is so much that goes into a business that you just have to learn through experience. There is always more that can be done to reach that next goal. I'm fortunate that two hobbies of mine were able to be merged into one, and I don't have any intention of slowing down!

So Why Choose Us?

Since the first design in 2013, we have never stopped improving the service we provide you, and we're proud to offer durable and beautiful products of unrivaled quality and design! It’s been the goal from the beginning to make the BEST products possible. We design every graphic, print every map, construct the internal custom-designed cork-backed frame, stretch each canvas by hand, and pack and ship every order in our dedicated warehouse and studio here in Columbus, Ohio. (We graduated from my basement/garage in October 2016!)

Our maps are designed specifically for travelers, newlyweds, newborns, retirees, and anybody who loves to wander the world! The potential for your use is endless.

It's incredible to hear all the ways people use our maps and all the great responses they receive from their friends, family, and peers. The compliments and support of our customers is truly what keeps us inspired and focused on delivering the best customer service possible and always striving to bring our travel maps and business to the next level! We are extremely grateful for all of the fantastic reviews happy customers have volunteered to share with us as well.

You are the most important person of our day, and we want you to be as excited to have this map hanging in your home as we are to make it for you!

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