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1 Million

Individuals, couples, or families.

Our Mission

Here at Conquest Maps, we are on a mission to help 1 million people travel more than they otherwise might!

We are experiencing some crazy times right now in the world of travel. The name of our game is helping you to celebrate past adventures and inspire future trips, which is now more important than ever before!

Our unique collection of travel decor will help keep your adventurous spirit alive - to plan out your future trips while preparing the return of safer travel!

Our Story

After returning from our honeymoon in 2012, my wife and I knew that we had to explore more of the world together. So the next step, naturally, was to put up a beautiful map to track our past and future travels! With no acceptable options available for purchase, I decided to design and make my own as a gift to my wife. And so began Conquest Maps.


It started as a one man basement-dwelling side business. But now we're a 12 person powerhouse of adventure inspiration with an obsession for quality, beauty, and service. We operate out of 13,000 square feet in Columbus, Ohio, USA (those of us who aren't now working remotely) where we design, manufacture, warehouse, and ship out our products (which have now traveled to about 60 countries!).


Here, you're with good company. Just like you, we are the curious, the adventurous, the experience-seekers, the memory-makers.


Thank you for being a part of our journey, we can't wait to help you along on yours.


- Ross, Founder & CEO

Minimal waste & eco friendly materials

High quality & unique designs

Made in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Fast processing & shipping

Ready for takeoff?

Our small, but mighty team is here to help turn your travel dreams into reality!

Our personalizable push pin maps offer a unique way to track your past travel experiences and commemorate your favorite getaways, as well inspire and plan out future trips. Bonus: They are gorgeously designed for you to proudly display in your home!