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9 Creative Ideas to Document Your Travels

It is important to live in the present moment as much as possible when traveling; but you also want to return home with memories that last a lifetime!

Don’t just snap a few photos on your phone and call it a day. You never want to forget your trip backpacking through Europe after college, your exotic honeymoon in Bora Bora, or your first family road trip across the country, right? Today we are rounding up the top ways to capture your travel memories, so you can relive these experiences over and over again.

1. Pin Board Map

Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage

Chart your adventures past and the destinations you are aching to go next with a timeless piece of home decor. A pin board map becomes the talking point of any room in your home. Choose from USA or World and a variety of styles and sizes to fit the look of your space. Then add your own special flair with a customizable legend and a range of pin colors.

2. Blink Box Travel Cards

Blink Box

Scrapbooking made simple. Blink Box guides you with prompts to document everything about your trips: the most unique experience, best meal, what surprised you about the destination, whether you’d return, and more.

3. Custom Map Pendant

Map Pendant

Show off a pendant necklace with a map of your hometown or favorite getaway, handmade to be exactly the area you love most. Other great jewelry options are a street map pendant or a latitude longitude pendant, inscribed with coordinates of your favorite destination.

4. Travel Stub Diary


Hold on to your postcards, maps, brochures, ticket stubs, local currency and snapshots. The travel stub diary has clear sleeves to showcase your memorabilia and flip through for the nostalgia factor for years to come!

5. Map Coasters

Map Coasters

Commemorate your favorite city with map coasters made of cedar and etched with portions of the urban area. You won’t be able to resist complementing the coasters with city map glasses filled with your favorite drink. Cheers!

6. Scratch Travel Journal

Scratch Travel Journal

Plan a trip in it, then document the journey every step off the way. This compact travel journal is the ultimate travel companion. When you’re back home, scratch off the golden travel maps to keep track of everywhere you’ve explored around the world!

7. Custom Map Pillow

Custom Map Pillow

Cozy up on the couch each night to a map pillow, handmade of cotton canvas. These pillows are completely personalized to your desired state-to-state or location coordinates.

8. Travel Blog


If you already take photos of your travels, you have prime content to put a story behind. You can create destination guides, share travel tips or even use it as a digital travel journal. This is also a great way to digitally share your travels with your friends and family, near and far.It doesn’t have to take a ton of technical knowledge to start a travel blog and many bloggers have become extremely successful from sharing their experiences.

Don’t fancy yourself a writer? Why not vlog your travels through engaging video!

9. Vinyl Peel-Out Map

Conquest maps vinyl

An alternative to our classic pin board maps, with the vinyl peel-out maps you can track your travels by removing the inside of the countries as you check them off your list. It's the new age scratch-off map! Available in black or white and in a variety of sizes to fit your space.

We hope that these ideas inspired you to showcase your travels and make your memories last a lifetime. Follow the Conquest Maps Facebook page to keep up to date with all of upcoming product launches (psttt… state maps are in the very near future!)

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