Map Upgrades

With our map, you're pretty much already riding first class, but let's upgrade you to platinum!

Our Upgrades enhance how you can use your map to document your memories and plan out your travel goals.

Don't have a map yet?

Extra Map Push Pins

That map is sure to fill up fast! Stock up on extras of any color you need right here.

House Push Pins

Be it places lived, family, or favorite destinations, make it special with house pins.

Heart Push Pins

Home is where the heart is... unless it's elsewhere! Some places deserve a heart pin.

Complement Pin Boards

Pin up your favorite memories and keepsakes on a pin board that matches your map! Perfect for:

  • Photos
  • Post Cards
  • Tickets
  • Currency

Or about anything else that you'd like to display with your map.

Push Pin Stickers

Have a poster? Well you can still pin it, just not... PIN it! Use these stickers that act just like push pins to mark out your destinations.