Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a page that describes your shipping policies?

Yep! Click right HERE.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! Everything comes out of Columbus, Ohio, USA.

How much does shipping cost to my country?

This depends on the product(s) you choose and where you live in the world. You can add an item to your cart to get a shipping estimate, or contact us if you have any questions about shipping costs to certain locations. You will want to provide your exact desired order, as well as the shipping address for us to give you any shipping pricing. Shipping costs do not include any customs duties and taxes you may incur in the destination country. For more information on shipping to a location outside the US, click here.

How long does it take until my order ships?

***COVID-19 update: Currently, typical order processing times are approximately up to 3 days delayed. Click Here for more info!***


We typically ship all orders within 3-5 business days after receiving them. Personalized maps will often take few additional days, and are in part dependent upon how quickly you respond to us about your legend proof once you receive it, and if there are any revisions requested. Please allow extra time if you ordered a personalized map or if it's a holiday season. If you have questions or need it sooner, please get in touch as soon as possible and we may be able to get it built and shipped sooner.

How long does it take to get to me after my order ships?

Within the US, our maps will typically arrive in 2-5 business days after they leave our hands, depending on your distance from us in Columbus, Ohio. We also have an expedited shipping option available for most US locations where shipments typically take more than 2 days to arrive. This does not necessarily speed up the processing time, but does get the item to you a little faster once we ship it! Our international orders usually take 6-10 business days to arrive after shipment, but we advise that you allow for at least 3 weeks as items occasionally get held up in customs. You will receive a notification when your order ships so you can keep track of it as it makes its way to its destination. Normally, we use USPS Priority Mail or First Class Mail, FedEx Home or Ground, UPS Standard and occasionally DHL International. In short, we always try to use the most economical way to ship your order to keep costs as low as possible.

What if I order multiple maps? Can you package them together?

If multiple maps are ordered, especially pin boards, they will be shipped in their own boxes, separately. They cannot be shipped in the same box. Please note this if ordering multiple pinboards internationally as customs costs may be affected. Posters will ship separately as well, but you can contact us to request they be rolled together if desired. We typically will be able to put additional push pins in with other pin boards/posters.


Can I personalize my map?

Yes! All of our maps have a personalized option and you can make it say pretty much whatever you would like. Learn more here.

What area of the map can I personalize?

All text in the legend is fair game. We want this map to be a special, cherished keepsake for you or the person you're giving it to. Give it a heading that is unique and meaningful, create pin items that have purpose in your lives, or even just use a quote that inspires!

How many lines of personalization can I include in my legends?

There is not a specific limit to the number of lines, as we can adjust text size and spacing as required. We find that 2-3 lines tend to work the best. In certain situations, we can fit up to 6 or more items, such as names of people or other single word items, and will typically format those in 2 columns. If you're unsure about your request, we're happy to answer questions!

What is the legend?

The legend is that little box or graphic on the map that usually contains a title, and in the case of pin boards, pin items to indicate what your pin colors stand for. Use our standard legend, or personalize it to say what you would like!

How will I know what my personalization will look like?

We will send you a proof typically within 2 business days of your purchase to show you what your legend will look like. This is your chance to make sure everything is spelled correctly and you like how it looks. We are more than happy to make revisions if needed, but please be as specific and concise as possible so that we can still be efficient in getting your map made. As soon as you've approved your proof, we can print and assemble your map!

Can I see examples of personalized map legends you have done for other customers?

Sure! We have some on our Personalization Guidelines page.

Our Products

Do you offer larger or custom sizes?

At this time, our largest single-piece pinboard is 36x24 inches, our largest 3-panel pinboard is 54x36 inches and our largest poster is 48x32 inches. We, unfortunately, do not offer larger or custom sizes, and we cannot currently print a single-piece pin board larger than the one listed above.

Do these maps come framed?

While we don't frame our maps in the conventional sense, our pinboard maps have an internal frame. That's what supports the cork backing, and is what the canvas is stretched around to give it its structure. We, unfortunately, do not offer frames. Our posters are rolled and shipped in a shipping tube.

Can I frame my map?

Our pinboard maps have internal frames and are designed not to need an external frame. However, if you choose to, you can frame our map for very nice results! Make it a fun DIY project, or simply take it to a framing shop to find out more. Our posters are more commonly framed, but this is also optional! One of the most popular poster sizes in the United States is 36x24 inches, so you shouldn't have any problem finding a great frame.

Do you sell just the canvas print?

If you would prefer to purchase the canvas map only (rolled up, shipped in a tube like a poster), we are happy to do that. It is a "non-standard" item, so please contact us to let us know what you would like.

Can I get more push pins for my map?

Definitely! You can pick up all the pins you need right here.