Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take before my order ships?

***COVID Update: There are currently no expected delays on producing and shipping most of our products!

We typically ship all standard (non-personalized) orders within 1-2 business days. Personalized maps will take a few additional days, and the turnaround time is in part dependent upon how quickly you respond to us about your legend proof once you receive it, and if you request any revisions.

Please allow extra time if you ordered a personalized map or when ordering during the holiday season (The months of November and December).

How long does it take to get to me after my order ships?

***COVID Update: There are currently no expected delays on producing and shipping most of our products!

We have continued to see delays in transit times across all of our couriers, and these will likely increase as we head into the holiday season and more packages are circulating. We have been informed that the number of shipments is expected to exceed the maximum that can be processed each day, so your order is likely to take longer to arrive than it might usually. We cannot guarantee that a shipment will arrive by a specific date, even if the tracking provides an estimated delivery date. In general, please allow plenty of time between when you place your order and when you need to receive it just to be safe! You can also choose an expedited shipping option for a faster turnaround time.

Within the US, our maps will typically arrive in 2-5 business days after they leave our hands, depending on your distance from us in Columbus, Ohio. We also have an expedited shipping option available at checkout for most US locations. This does not necessarily speed up the processing time, but does get the item to you a little faster once we ship it!

Our international orders typically take 6-10 business days to arrive after shipment, but we advise that you allow for at least 3 weeks as items occasionally get held up in customs. You will receive a notification when your order ships so you can keep track of it as it makes its way to its destination.

Please refer to our policies page for more information on shipping.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide! International orders outside of the domestic US will incur shipping charges.

How much does shipping cost?

If you are within the continental US, shipping is free for orders over $99.

If you are outside of the US, this depends on the product(s) you choose and where you live in the world. You can add an item to your cart to get a shipping estimate, or contact us if you have any questions about shipping costs to specific locations.

You will want to provide your exact desired order, as well as the shipping address for us to give you accurate shipping pricing. Shipping costs do not include any customs duties and taxes you may incur in the destination country. For more information on shipping to a location outside the US, click here.

Do you offer expedited shipping if I need my order faster?

We offer expedited 2-day shipping for most US locations. If you add an item to your cart, there is a shipping rates calculator where you can see the expedited shipping rate. (Please note: If you are already in a close shipping zone to Ohio, this option may not appear, since you are already in a 2 day window from us. We also do not offer expedited options on our smaller items that ship USPS, but you can contact us if you have a specific timing need on a poster or other lightweight item.)


How many lines of personalization can I include in my legend?

There is not a specific limit to the number of lines, as we can adjust text size and spacing as needed. We find that 2-3 lines tend to work the best. In certain situations, we can fit up to 6 or more items, such as names of people or other single word items, and will typically format those in 2 columns.

Please note that the maps only include 2 boxes of pins even if you choose to add additional lines, so if you need more, you can add more boxes to your cart!

If you're unsure about your personalization request, we're happy to answer any questions! Just shoot us an email at

What is the character limit in the legend?

We don’t have any specific character limit for our legends. We recommend 2-3 pin lines, and if using a quote we recommend a shorter one no more than 10 words. However, we can typically accommodate more characters/words, it just may mean overcrowding or small text.

If you're unsure about your request, we're happy to answer any questions! Just shoot us an email at

Can I choose a different legend style on a standard map?

Alternate legend styles, even if you keep the standard text, are considered “personalized” so will be at the personalized price and aren’t available for full refunds.

Can you create a custom size, style or region for me?

Sorry, we don’t offer custom sizes, regions or styles at this time! We will add your request to our list to consider for future products!

If you are interested in custom color options, check out our Color Splash Maps where you can customize your own colors!

Can I see the personalized proof before I order?

The order will need to be placed before we can start building the legend. There is a legend builder on the product page, so you can get a sense of what the legend will look like prior to paying.

You will also get to approve the legend and request any revisions before we print anything.

Can I see examples of personalized map legends you have done for other customers?

Sure! We have examples on our Personalization Guidelines page.

Can I add a logo to my map legend?

We can accommodate company logos if you provide a vector file of the logo, such as a .ai or .eps file.

On state maps and Winkel Tripel maps, the logo would have to fit pretty well into that square legend shape, because on those maps we cannot remove the legend box.

Can I use my own font in my legend?

Yes! You just need to provide the font file (otf or .ttf file). If you don’t already have the font, we recommend searching on for it!

Can you remove the legend altogether?

Yes! We can remove the legend altogether (with the exception of state maps and Winkel Tripel maps). This is an option that you can select in our legend builder. We can also remove ships or the compass upon request. You would just need to pay for personalization and add this request to your order notes.

Our Products

Do you offer larger or custom sizes?

At this time, our largest single-piece push pin map is 48x32 inches, our largest 3-panel push pin map is 54x36 inches and our largest poster is 48x32 inches. We, unfortunately, do not offer larger or custom sizes, and we cannot currently print a single-piece pin board larger than the one listed above.

Do your maps come framed?

Our frames do not come with an external frame by default but you can purchase a decorative frame to add extra character to your map here. They are made of high quality red oak and you can choose from multiple colors to complement the color and style of your map.

However, our push pin maps have an internal frame that support the durable ½” wood fiber pin board backing. This is what the canvas is stretched around to give it its structure. All visible sides of the pin board are finished looking!

Our posters do not come framed. They are shipped rolled up in a tube. We recommend checking out Amazon or ArtToFrame if you would like a frame for your poster map!

Can you use a different map projection on my order?

We are using the Mercator projection for most maps. We also have the Winkel Tripel available in limited styles. We chose this projection because it's common and therefore recognizable to most people, and a lot of map data is available for it. Since we don't do the cartography ourselves, only the design, we do rely on outside data sources. We don't have any immediate plans to offer other projections, but it's definitely on our radar and we may add some different ones down the road! Please shoot us an email if you would like to request a projection!

Can I get more push pins for my map?

Definitely! You can pick up all the pins you need right here.

How far apart should I hang my 3-panel map?

That’s a personal preference! Some customers want a really spaced out look, and others hang them as flush together as possible. However, we would recommend approximately 1 inch apart, and this is how we show it in our website images.

Which colors look best with my style of map?

This is personal preference! Some customers want their pins to really pop and stand out, while others want a very subtle, matching look. We suggest that you think about which way you would prefer, and then choose colors accordingly. Our metallic pins are also a great in-between option - they stand out due to their shine, but the colors feel quite neutral.

If you’re unsure, here are the colors we have chosen to go with each map style!

  • Modern Slate - deep blue, sky blue
  • Rustic Vintage - coffee brown, natural tan
  • Golden Aged - midnight black, natural tan
  • Deep Espresso - spring green, clean white
  • Natural Earth - forest green, deep blue
  • Classic Marble - sky blue, light gray
  • Color Splash - clean white, midnight black
  • National Parks - clean white, soft orange

How do I hang my map?

We provide hanging instructions to assist you in hanging your map. Here a link if you have lost your hanging instructions:

DIY Mounting/Framing

Can I mount and frame a poster myself?

Yes! We strongly suggest mounting posters to foam core instead of cork, as it is less expensive, easier to work with, and adheres better. Or grab our “pin stickers” and put the poster in a regular frame with no glass.

Can the push pin maps be framed?

Our push pin maps have internal frames and are designed not to need an external frame. However, if you choose to, you can frame our map for very nice results! Make it a fun DIY project, or simply take it to a framing shop. Because of the depth of the pin board, you are unlikely to find a frame right off the shelf that will accommodate it, but a custom frame could likely be made.

Can I have the canvas print gallery wrapped myself?

Since our maps are printed on canvas like many other gallery wrapped art pieces, they could certainly be gallery wrapped by someone else. However, be advised that because most of our pieces aren’t square they can be more challenging to wrap evenly (varying pressures). Also, we make our own custom boards with durable ½” wood fiber pin board backing and if you want your map wrapped for pinning purposes, you are unlikely to find anyone else out there who will do this. Their wrapped map would simply be an art piece without the extra functionality..

Do you sell just the canvas print?

If you would prefer to purchase the canvas map only (rolled up, shipped in a tube like a poster), we are happy to do that. It is a "non-standard" item, so please contact us to let us know what you would like.

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