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Heart Push Pins

Some destinations have a special place in our hearts, and deserve some extra love! Whether it’s where you met your special someone, where you come from, or a favorite trip, a heart push pin is the perfect way to honor these special destinations.

Heart Push Pins: Pin the Places Closest to Your Heart

Your story is unique, and your personalized travel map should be, too. That’s why we offer specialty pins beyond the typical colored push pins! No matter which pins you choose, we have just what you need to upgrade your travel planning to the next level!

Each heart pin is available in red, gold, silver, and rose gold to suit your personal style. Pin your honeymoon destination, the site of your wedding, the city where you fell in love, or anywhere else that matters the most!

We also offer them in sets of 3 and 9, in case you have several extra-special destinations on your map! Each heart push pin measures approximately 9/16" long and the heart itself is roughly 3/8" tall and wide.