12 Non-Cheesy Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2021

12 Non-Cheesy Travel Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2021

Roses are red, violets are blue, but for a traveler, neither will do.

Ah good 'ol Valentine's Day! Love it or hate it, the classic hallmark holiday is just two weeks away. And since gifting actual trips is virtually impossible right now, you'll have to get crafty. Your next best option is reminiscing on all of your past adventures and getting excited for future trips on the horizon!

Whether you're a hopeless romantic who lives for Valentine's Day or just go along with it to satisfy your significant other, we have you covered with a guide to unique gift ideas that your partner-in-travel will enjoy (almost) as much as plane tickets themselves!

Custom Travel Photo Book

Visualize your favorite travel memories together to look back on for years to come! A personalized photo book makes for a unique gift idea to showcase your favorite roadtrip, international adventure, honeymoon and more. The possibilities are endless!

A digital travel photo album is super simple to create: Just choose your theme and layout, then add your favorite photos. Then it is printed, professionally bound and shipped straight to your doorstep.

Leave the book out in a common area of your home to reminisce on past trips together or for guests to flip through and enjoy!

Personalized Push Pin Travel Map

For a blooming new relationship, newlyweds or long time lovers, a push pin map can help track every step of your journey together! Then add to it over the years as your love continues to grow!

Make the gift extra special! The legend is customizable to chart adventures of his and hers, solo and together. Add your names, anniversary date or whatever your little heart desires!

Add a set of metal heart pins to mark your hometowns and favorite destinations. You can choose from Red, Silver, Gold or Rose Gold pins.

A Romantic Couple's Experience

There are so many exciting, relaxing, delicious, and adventurous ways to say "I love you!" With Tinggly experience gift boxes, your signigicant other gets to choose the experience for you to enjoy together. There are over 250 options to choose from, hosted in over 100 countries!

A few examples experiences include exploring Kyoto with the Last Samurai, a full-day on the Amazon River in Brazil, Skip-the-Line of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and more. Bonus: this gift never expires!

Another fun option is to hire a local photographer from anywhere in the world to document a special and memorable travel experience.

Matching His & Hers Swimsuits

Show you are a match made in paradise with your adventure buddy!

Designed by luxury travel blogger, @Jetsetchristina, these coordinated swimsuits are perfect for your jaunts together around the world - whether it's soaking up the sun on the beaches of Greece, scuba diving in Bora Bora, or relaxing in the infinity pool of an all inclusive resort.

Each swimsuit is inspired by this passionate traveling couple's experiences around the world, and are designed to complement your own. These super soft suits are made with SPF 30+ fabric for sun protection, and anti-chlorine and salt-resistant. They are ethically made by an all-women team in Colombia.

US National Parks Pass

This pass is the perfect gift for the adventure-seekers among us! Give the thrill of the outdoors with a full year of access to the US National Parks. This pass is a great option to stay within the US and out in nature away from the crowds.

The Traveler's Playbook

Have you tried journaling your travels and end up staring aimlessly at the blank pages, unsure where to begin? Here's your inspiration! Each page of this unique travel journal features guided prompts to document your favorite experiences around the world.

Every country of the world has a dedicated page to fill in your favorite memories. There is also a travel timeline, country checklist, ultimate bucket list, color-in world map, and so much more!

Take this journal with you (it's durable to withstand your adventures!), or fill it out once you are back home!


An Inspirational Coffee Table Book

It's a great idea to have a travel book always on hand to flip through when you are in need of inspiration or ready to plan that next big trip as a couple! Whether it's a book of the world's most romantic destinations or a bucket list of adventures to check off together, the options are endless here! Here's a list of the best travel coffee table books to get your started.

Try the World Food Recipe Box

A fun way to experience new cultures without leaving the comforts of home! (A very mportant consideration these days) No need to travel too far because the experience of traveling around the world will be packed and delivered to wherever you are.

Try The World is a monthly international food subscription box. Each month you’ll recieve 7-10 treats and delicacies delivered from a new destination, along with a culture guide and accompanying recipes!

Passport Stamp Decals

Cover your walls, just like you've filled the pages of your passport over the years with Passport Stamp Decals. Grab a stamp decal for every country you have visited with your partner and personalize it with the date of arrival. These stamps look great as a collection, to mimic the pages of your passport.

Personalized Coordinates Bracelets

There’s a spot on the map that is more sentimental than the rest. Commemorate the location of your first date, first kiss, honeymoon or wedding with the exact coordinates stamped on a bracelet. You can each choose your metal from silver, gold, or rose gold, as well as the cord colorl

Instant Camera

Capture memories together and print them out instantly. The new age Polaroid instant cameras have modern features such a portrait vs landscape lenses, while still keeping the nostalgia of the classic poaroid style photo.

Then fill a photo, scrapbook or pin board with your favorite prints from around the world! For exciting date night ideas close to home, grab The Adventure Challenge book which has spots for polaroids to document each date.

Silicone Wedding Bands

Wedding rings are expensive and precious. Leave them safe at home and travel with silicone wedding bands, especially while camping, hiking and swimming!

Groove Rings are a great option because it comes with a lifetime warranty - whether the ring is cut, stretched, or lost, they will replace it! They also feature a breathable materal to allow air to circulate and moisture to flow out. Choose from a varity of fun styles and colors or stick with the basics.

We hope this guide was helpful for finding a unqie gift that your special someone will cherish for a lifetime!