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Pin Board Maps: A Unique Gift Idea for Travelers & Beyond

Pin Board Maps: A Unique Gift Idea for Travelers & Beyond

Do people still buy maps in this day and age? Of course when we’re talking Conquest Maps!

Here at Conquest Maps, we help you document your adventures past and dream up all of the places you will go in the future. Simply put, we see travel as a way of life.

We create more than just your average map, wrinkled up in the ‘ol glove box, only to see the light of day when you’re lost in the middle of nowhere. Our maps are designed to be a timeless piece of home decor to cherish forever.

Who are our maps perfect gifts for?

The jetsetter


The obvious choice! Is there someone in your life who never seems to stay in one place? Whether it’s yourself or someone close to you with the itchy feet, our maps are the perfect way to showcase these escapades:

Engaged or married couples


Far more exciting than a gift of kitchenware or something that will be returned, don’t you think? Our maps are great for each stage of a relationship; from the very beginning to later down the road when it’s time to plan your next big escape together.

  • For newlyweds just starting their journey together.
  • A poster map for the traditional 1st year anniversary paper gift.
  • A pin board map for the 2nd year anniversary cotton gift.
  • A pin board map for the 5th year anniversary wood gift.

The best part? The legend is customizable to chart adventures of his and hers, solo and together, and in different color pins!

The bride and groom


Why stick to boring guest books? As your attendees walk in, let them pin their favorite place to visit on our World map or their hometown on our USA map. We have a variety of styles from which to choose so you’re sure find a match to the theme of your wedding:

  • Modern Slate: This style gives a minimalist meets industrial grunge vibe. Inspired by old blueprints and scratched chalkboards.
  • Rustic Vintage: This style brings the vintage character of aged paper and hand-drawn maps of the earlier ages.
  • Golden Aged: This unique style is inspired by pirate maps of antique aged parchment.
conquest maps golden aged legend
conquest maps modern slate legend

The new homeowner


Our maps make for the perfect housewarming gift, bound to become the talking point of any space. The new homeowners will want to entertain and show off their new decor piece. Display your map with pride in any room of the house:

  • Family room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Home office
  • Bedroom

… the possibilities are endless!


The newborn


Take it beyond the traditional pink and blue nursery and let a map be the star of the show. Just imagine all the states or countries waiting to be explored as the newborn experiences the world for the first time!

Our maps fit with a variety of nursery themes:

  • Nautical & Neutral with navy blue, anchors and our Rustic Vintage map.
  • Woodland Inspired with teepee, fur rug, stuffed animals and our Golden Aged map.
  • Parisian Chic with pale pinks, florals and our Modern Slate map.
  • Tiny World Traveler with globes, suitcases and your favorite of our maps.

As a company map


Our maps are a fun way to get employees excited for the success of the business! Your company name can be highlighted in the legend. Visually track:

  • Where all of your clients are located.
  • The territories you cover.
  • Where your company is targeting next.
  • Branch and headquarters locations.
  • Where you’ve shipped products.
conquest maps in an office

The new graduate


Oh the places you will go. Set the new grad off into the real world in style and inspire their wanderlust for years to come.

  • Maps come in a variety of sizes to fit their chic new studio apartment.
  • Poster versions are perfect for the more budget conscious.
  • Allow the new grad to pick their favorite style and pin colors with a gift card of up to $200.

The retiree

conquest maps rustic vintage legend
conquest maps golden aged legend

Proudly display all the ground the retiree has covered over the years. And it’s not too late to use all that free time to check off those bucket list items!  

  • Chart all of your most exciting adventures over the years.
  • Track where all of the grandkids are based.
  • Pin all of those last bucket list places you’ve been dreaming up.

No matter if your travels are from sea to shining sea or across the oceans blue - our maps are for any type of adventure-loving soul out there.

We enjoy hearing all the ways you and the friends and family who receive the gift are using our maps. The world is literally your oyster! See for yourself.

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