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Beat the Heat: Cool Weather Summer Vacations

Beat the Heat: Cool Weather Summer Vacations

When people plan their summer getaways, they usually think of tropical islands and hot sandy beaches. Cool weather summer vacation destinations are often underappreciated. Even if you love basking in the warm sun, you might need a break from the clothes sticking to your back and getting sunscreen in your eyes. You won’t regret trying something different and spending your holiday in a cooler climate this summer.

Whether you are planning a family trip, a solo adventure, or a romantic getaway, there are a lot of options if you’re trying to beat the heat! Here are some of our favorites, in the USA and around the world.


In the USA

San Francisco, California

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran


Though San Francisco is a popular landing place for serious surfers and beachgoers, the ocean water is typically too cold for your average swimmer. But with all the running around you’ll be doing to experience all the Golden Gate City has to offer, you’ll appreciate the average summer temperatures around 67 degrees.

Enjoying a fun and sweat-free day out and about in the city is easy. Go sightseeing at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, and check out the frolicking sea lions at Pier 39! You can make a day trip of the San Francisco Zoo, or check out indoor activities like museums, art galleries, and more in this perfect summer destination.


Upper Peninsula, Michigan

A large landmass juts out into a body of water


Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a natural showcase with lush forests, rolling hills, and sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. Surrounded by Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior, the summer temperatures here average a cool 70 degrees. This makes it a perfect destination to beat the heat!

Camping and hiking are popular here, and are even more fun since you won’t have to sweat. If you’re feeling adventurous, go island hopping around the lakes or head to one of the many abandoned mines for a tour. Then head to Isle Royale for a day of sightseeing among the local wildlife, including moose and wolves!

Don’t miss the fresh stone fruit. If you’ve never had a Michigan cherry in July, then you’ve never had a cherry.


Anchorage, Alaska

The Alaskan range! Fun fact: there are 17 moose in this photo. Can you spot them all?


When looking for a cool weather summer vacation destination in the US, Alaska is an obvious choice. What you might not realize, is that Alaska doesn’t necessarily mean “cold!” With average summer temperatures in the low 60s, it’s a perfect place for an active summer vacation

In Anchorage, you can view real glaciers, go dog sledding, and learn about the unique local culture. If you’re a seafood lover, you won’t want to miss out on the fresh-caught king crab, salmon, and halibut that the local eateries have to offer. Nature enthusiasts will love spotting whales, bears and moose around Anchorage. Alaska also boasts FIVE national parks nearby to explore!


Around the World


An old, broken down castle in Ireland


With most of the country seeing average summer temperatures of around 60 degrees, Ireland is a prime destination to take in natural beauty in a moderate climate. The green rolling hills, and picturesque farmland have even made it a popular filming site for movies (any Harry Potter or Star Wars fans here?!).

Ireland has endless historical sites to experience. Afterward, you can head to Sean’s Bar, which has been serving customers since 900 AD, and have a pint of Irish beer. Just be sure to pack a jacket whether you are hiking the wilderness or sightseeing a town – Ireland is known for its misty mornings!


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden


With a mild summer average temperature of 72 degrees, Stockholm is a vibrant destination for the traveler looking to beat the heat. The unique city was built across a small cluster of islands in the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is known for having some of the best museums in the world, a cutting-edge food scene, and fantastic art galleries. There are gorgeous parks and hiking trails nearby or visit Långholmen Island for an afternoon of swimming and relaxing in the sunshine. If you’re an explorer at heart, you can take a ferry ride between the 30,000 small islands that make up the archipelago!



A glacier in Iceland


Staying cool all summer is easy in Iceland, where the average summer temperature stays between 50-59 degrees. The long summer days are perfect for horseback riding, kayaking, and hiking. The country offers many natural sights you can’t easily find anywhere else, like black sand beaches on the southern coast, ice caves, and icebergs breaking off into the ocean at Diamond Beach.

After you are tired from exploring, head to the Blue Lagoon to rest and heal in the geothermal hot spring. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate this cool weather summer vacation destination for the nearby nature reserves and whale watching tours. If you head to the Eastfjords, you can even see reindeer living in the wild!


So, are you ready to head to one of these places to beat the heat or are you relishing in the last bits of warm summer weather? Either way, make the most of the season while you still can!

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