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The Best Places to Travel Alone

The Best Places to Travel Alone

Ever Considered Traveling Alone?

The thought of flying solo on your next trip can be really frightening. Not only are you (temporarily) leaving behind everything you hold dear, but you’re heading to unfamiliar territory as well.

But "those who fly solo sometimes have the strongest wings" as the saying goes. Traveling alone is a truly unique and beautiful experience that is absolutely worth the effort. Whether you’re looking to “find yourself,” explore new lands, or accomplish a very specific goal, traveling alone can help you fulfill that process. Check out our top 5 recommendations for best places to travel alone.

Colosseum - Rome

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1. Rome, Italy

Full of beautiful people, delicious food, and inspiring sights, Rome is a classic first time destination for solo travelers. The vibrant city culture empowers its visitors to feel adventurous, if only to walk through the magnificent neighborhoods, each worthy of its own post card photo.

At the same time, the rich history of Rome has a mysterious way of making this contemporary place feel almost sacred. There are countless historical gems you can visit, a few of the most common being:

  • The Pantheon
  • The Roman Coliseum
  • Vatican City
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica


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2. Melbourne, Australia

Widely considered the cultural hub of the “land down under,” Melbourne is a dazzling city full of gorgeous gardens, galleries, museums, parks, and theaters. Moreover, it’s a great point from which explorers can check out other amazing sites throughout the country.

A huge draw of Melbourne is that it’s an extremely safe place for travelers who are going at it alone. Women can feel completely comfortable walking around by themselves at night, and the friendly attitude of native Australians means you’ll never truly be lost, unless you want to be.


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3. Guatemala

It’s hard to beat something as ancient and impressive as the Mayan Ruins. Guatemala is a great place to visit for its abundance of cultural and historical sites. There’s plenty of room for adventurous activities, including whitewater rafting, kayaking, and hiking active volcanoes. And everything is pretty darn cheap.


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4. Cuba

The bubbling political scene in Cuba has surprisingly led to a boom in small, private businesses, which makes it an awesome time to visit it’s fascinating artisanal shops and delicious restaurants. Of course, there’s also the iconic colonial architecture, salsa, and infamous cigars.


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5. Rajasthan, India

The “Land of Kings” is chock-full of Eastern treasures — palaces, temples, deserts, camels, and forts — that add an air of intrigue to the city rivaled by few others. A huge advantages of visiting Rajasthan alone is that it allows for easy travel among key sites: Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodphur.

Determining the best places to travel alone ultimately depends on your interests and needs. After a little bit of digging, you might find your top travel destinations are completely different than ours!

The important thing is that you identify what you want and find what travel spots can provide you with what you need. Every place has something unique to offer you. All you have to do now is go out there and claim it!

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