Where is the best place to visit in the USA in August?

Where is the best place to visit in the USA in August?

We'll Give You Two...

From astounding mountain tops and gaping canyons to Pacific beaches and forests, the US is chock-full of many of the best places to visit in August. The Rocky Mountains in the Southwest, the white water rapids of Pennsylvania, and really any one of the national parks are undeniable top-notch choices for most adventurers. As the summer wanes in August, however, we tend to prefer the serenity of a laidback, but nonetheless awe-inspiring, sojourn.

1st Place: Colorado


Most frequently associated with winter skiing, Colorado is easily a top contender (and our choice) for the best place to visit in the US in August. And yes, saying the whole state of Colorado as a "destination" is pretty broad. BUT we feel like you pretty much can't go wrong here. An August stay in Colorado means easy access to tons of highly rated trails that are seemingly perfect for either hiking or mountain biking, not only due to the captivating scenery but also the low humidity and crisp, clean breeze. Fly fishing is also pleasant (and can be very exciting for first-timers!) in Colorado, and there are hundreds of streams, rivers, and reservoirs to choose from.

More than nature’s paradise, although that in itself is nothing to sneeze at, Colorado offers a great summer city experience in both Denver and Colorado Springs, which are a short 1-hour drive apart from each other and not too far from the main natural attractions. (take a glance at your Conquest Maps pinboard and you'll see!) To boot, the US News & World Report actually named Denver the new best place to live as of 2017. I highly recommend booking a private cabin near the Dunton Hot Springs, breaking up a mild sweat along the Dolores River, and then taking a much-needed break in the soothing thermal springs.


2nd Place: Chicago (Yes, The City)


We often tend to place a lot of emphasis on the outdoors and natural side of travel, but Chicago offers such a lively variation of things to do—and I mean practically every exciting, warm-weather activity a city could possibly provide—that we figured it was worth adding in here too!

For starters, Chicago has, hands down, one of the best skyline views in the US. Be it from the lakefront enjoying some cool drinks while playing beach volleyball on North Avenue, or most neighborhoods in the area, the Willis Tower, John Hancock, and even, dare I say it, Trump Tower, are magnificent to behold.

Better yet, Chicago hosts a limitless amount of festivals for food, beer, music, art, and what have you during the summer. There are constantly active theater works, presentations, galas, and concerts of all kinds, ranging from the free, local type to ludicrously expensive exhibitions. The variety of options and the diversity in culture and experience is, in our opinion, unmatched by any other city in the month of August.

Fortunately for other US cities, the characteristically blustery climate often hits the infamously “windy city” hard by the time Labor Day comes around.

So there you have it! Chicago is our top city to visit, and Colorado, our favorite natural landscape area to explore in August. Where are you heading this month?

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