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Travel More in 2024: Achieve Your Wanderlust Goals with Practical Steps

Travel More in 2024: Achieve Your Wanderlust Goals with Practical Steps

Are you constantly dreaming of exploring new destinations but struggling to make those travel dreams a reality? Many of us desire to see the world but find it challenging due to busy schedules, financial constraints, or the belief that travel is an unattainable luxury. However, with a strategic plan and a shift in mindset, you can prioritize travel in your life and start ticking off those bucket list destinations sooner than you think!

Step 1: Set Meaningful Travel Goals

The key to embarking on fulfilling travel journeys starts with setting goals that resonate with you. Identify your motivations for travel – whether it's seeking new experiences, discovering passions, escaping the daily routine, or jumping out of your comfort zone. Craft a 'Bucket List of 100 Dreams' encompassing both lofty aspirations and simpler getaways achievable on a lazy weekend.
Whatever fuels your desire for seeing the world, be sure it is kept at top of mind each day. A push pin map with all of your dream destinations pinned can help achieve this!

Step 2: Make Specific and Measurable Plans

It's important to identify not just the difference between where you are and where you want to be, but to create a step by step plan to bridge that gap. Set SMART goals which give you direction and help you organize and reach your goals.
Let's say your travel goal is to visit Japan within the next year. Using the SMART criteria, you can structure your goal as follows:
"I will visit Japan for 10 days in September 2024 to explore Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima."
"I will save $3,500 by July 2024 specifically for this trip. I aim to spend $1,500 on flights, $1,200 on accommodations, and allocate $800 for local transportation, activities, and food during my stay."
Based on your current income and expenses, saving $3,500 within a year is attainable. You've researched average flight and accommodation costs to ensure the budget aligns with your resources.
Exploring Japan aligns with your interest in immersing yourself in diverse cultures and historical experiences. It's significant to your travel aspirations and overall life goals.
"I will book my flight tickets by May 2024, reserve accommodations by July 2024, and finalize my itinerary and activities by August 2024. Savings milestones include setting aside $500 each month from January to July."
By employing the SMART method, you've transformed the vague desire of visiting Japan into a concrete and achievable plan. This structured approach helps in staying focused, tracking progress, and ensuring every step is in place to make your travel goal a reality.

Step 3: Prioritize and Take Action

Select a destination or experience from your bucket list and commit to it. Prioritize based on proximity, affordability, and personal passion. Eliminate excuses by turning them into actionable steps – budget planning, advanced time-off scheduling, or exploring solo travel options if companionship is a hurdle.

Step 4: Incorporate Travel into Daily Life

Shift your mindset by elevating travel as a priority amid daily expenses. Consider cutting back on unnecessary costs like dining out or non-essential subscriptions. Keep your travel dreams at the forefront by visualizing them through push pin maps or vision boards, maintaining focus and motivation.
Pin your next destination on your map with a heart pin and add inspirational photos to your matching pin board.
Create a vision board or Pinterest board with photos and blog posts about your dream destination. Surround yourself with people who have similar goals in your friend circle or in a Facebook community such as For The Love of Travel.

Step 5: Leverage Work and Time Management

Maximize your work situation to facilitate travel. Negotiate for more paid time off or explore opportunities for remote work. Extend business trips for personal exploration or use transitional periods between jobs for international adventures. Embrace flexible scheduling or take advantage of weekends and holidays for shorter getaways.

Step 6: Explore Local Adventures and Short Trips

When long travels seem unfeasible, explore nearby destinations or play tourist in your own town. Embrace weekend getaways within a reasonable distance, booking flights in advance to seize affordable opportunities. Remember, adventure and discovery aren't solely confined to distant lands.

Step 7: Take the first step

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Then on to the next step… and the next... If you try to conquer everything all at once, you may get overwhelmed and give up. Taking things one step at a time keeps things manageable - and achievable!
Remember, goal setting is an ongoing process, not just a means to an end. Build in reminders to keep yourself on track, and set aside time to review your progress.

Last Step: Celebrate and repeat!

So you saved the money, booked the flight, planned the experiences and are off on your adventure? Congrats! Take some time to celebrate and reflect - then get to work on that next travel goal on your list!


The world is brimming with endless possibilities waiting to be explored. By reshaping your mindset, setting achievable goals, and integrating travel into your lifestyle, you can transform those distant dreams into tangible experiences. Prioritize your travel aspirations, celebrate each accomplishment, and continually revisit and revise your bucket list. 
START by creating your personalized push pin map, turning your travel aspirations into a visible reality.
This 2024, let's make traveling an integral part of our lives, turning every dream destination into a journey worth cherishing. Begin by mapping your adventures and witness how achievable those wanderlust goals truly are!
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