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The Best Places to Travel in September in the United States

The Best Places to Travel in September in the United States

Where to...?

Traveling in September is perfect for you love exploring beautiful landscapes without having to worry about the hordes of vacationers and tourists visiting the US in the summer. Here are a few great options to explore this September.

1. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

Grand Canyon

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Going to Arizona easily ranks among the most iconic trips ever because of one huge reason — the Grand Canyon. Spanning just about 277 miles with an 18 mile drop, the Grand Canyon is a top favorite place to visit in September for a bunch of reasons:

Ideal weather: You can’t ask for a better climate than what the Grand Canyon has to offer in September. It’s warm and sunny during the day with low humidity, and it’s fresh at night. 

Jaw-dropping views: Words simply can’t do the magnificent view justice.

Wild animals: From mountain lions to black widow spiders, the Grand Canyon is home to a wide variety of wild animals. Elk mating season starts around September, so brace yourself for a lot of elk bugling.

Great collection of pit stops: There are loads of places to choose from when it comes to lodging. You can even spend the night in a rail car! Any search will turn up many options.

Events and festivals: For example, a top choice among the many things to do near the Grand Canyon is attending the Celebration of Art beginning on September 17th.


2. Greenville, South Carolina


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Founded in 1786, Greenville is an old American city that has recently been labeled as one of the fastest growing cities in the South. The brisk morning air is perfect for early walks, and the warm afternoons are excellent for hopping from site to site. There are a bunch of attractions and activities in the downtown area that make visiting Greenville in September a really unique experience.

Impressive works of art are on rotation at the Greenville County Museum of Art, and interactive exhibits, which kids love, are presented at the Children’s Museum of the Upstate every Fall. The city provides easy access to the 20-mile long GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail as well as Falls Park on the Reedy, which is considered an oasis of lush gardens and elegant bridges.


3. Black Hills, South Dakota



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Black Hills is home to some of the most breathtaking and historical parks and monuments in the entire United States. There is Badlands National Park, a vast area full of out-of-this-world rocky spikes and spires, Custer State Park, which allows for scenic drives involving buffalo roundups, and Wind Cave National Park, the third longest cave in the US.

If that isn’t impressive enough for you, Black Hills also hosts a number of important monuments, including Mt. Rushmore and Devils Tower National Monument, the first national monument in the country.

The beauty of traveling in the US is that nearly all of the best places to travel to in September can be visited under the perfect combination of sunlight and breeze but without the hassle of crowds since kids are back in school and many families are done with their vacationing for the season. So if you're not worried about that or can get away for a little bit, it's an ideal time to hit the road!

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