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The Prism Mini Map Collection: Introducing a New World of Color!

The Prism Mini Map Collection: Introducing a New World of Color!

Your travels, now in color.

After embarking on a quest to embrace wanderlust in all its hues, we are thrilled to introduce the Prism Push Pin Mini Map collection!

Each vibrant color was handpicked by our team and inspired by our favorite travel memories, and the beautiful hues of nature that inspire us to keep exploring.


Which color is your wanderlust?

Olive: The lush greenery of untouched landscapes inspired our Olive hue. It embodies the earthy tones found in serene, hidden forests and distant mountain ranges, urging the adventurous soul to explore the beauty of nature.


Guava: Like the ripest tropical fruit, Guava draws its inspiration from the vibrant sunsets and warm, sandy beaches of our favorite exotic destinations. This lively and energizing color reflects our enthusiasm to travel and eagerness to soak in new experiences.


Mermaid: As mystical as the ocean itself, our Mermaid shade reflects the iridescent turquoise waters that captivate us along breathtaking coastlines, urging us to dive into the depths of discovery!


Margot: Inspired by the passionate blooms of wildflowers across a picturesque meadow, this vivid hot pink is a celebration of an enthusiastic drive for adventure and an energetic need to explore.


Rose Quartz: Soft and delicate, Rose Quartz is reminiscent of the first light of dawn kissing the horizon. Inspired by the tender hues of blooming flowers, this color embodies the gentle moments and heartfelt connections shared during a journey.


Aqua: Aqua mirrors the mesmerizing color of pristine, crystalline waters found in tranquil lagoons and hidden oases. Inspired by these serene retreats, Aqua invites us to find their our peace while exploring the world.


Jade: With a nod to the lush foliage of ancient rainforests, Jade represents growth, renewal, and prosperity. This color draws inspiration from the vitality of nature, encouraging us to embrace new beginnings on our travels.


Tangerine: Like the fiery hues of a setting sun over vast desert landscapes, Tangerine ignites the spirit of adventure and curiosity. Inspired by the warmth of distant horizons, this color sparks the desire to embark on unforgettable journeys.


Love Story: Love Story is a captivating color that embodies the deep and passionate hues found in the velvety petals of an exotic orchid. This romantic shade is inspired by the enchanting allure of travel and the cherished connections we form with fellow adventurers. It evokes the feeling of excitement and the joy of creating beautiful memories while exploring new destinations.


Ocean Breeze: With a nod to the soothing tones of coastal waves, Ocean Breeze echoes the calming sensation of sea-kissed air against the skin. This color captures the essence of relaxation and rejuvenation found in coastal getaways.


Andalusia: As rich as the cultural tapestry of ancient cities, Andalusia draws its inspiration from the colorful facades and vibrant energy of historical landmarks. This majestic shade embodies the allure of heritage and the spirit of exploration.


Marigold: Inspired by the golden petals of blooming marigold flowers, this color exudes the warmth of sun-kissed landscapes. Marigold captures the spirit of embracing new cultures and adds a touch of brightness to every travel adventure.

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