How to Choose Your Perfect Travel Decor

How to Choose Your Perfect Travel Decor

Hey fellow adventurer! We are excited you have landed here.

So you’ve checked out our selection of maps and have no idea which to choose? With a few quick questions, we will help make that decision simpler! 

Are you more of a domestic or international traveler?

Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage

Our pin board and poster maps are available in World and USA. (States coming soon!) Our vinyl map decals are only currently available in World version (But let us know if USA vinyls would be of interest... Could be a future option!)

Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage

What is your map going to be used for?

If you want a map simply for home decoration, our Silhouette Vinyl Wall Decal with or without borders or our Poster Maps are perfect for you!

If you want to track your travels past and future, our Peel-Out Silhouette Vinyl Wall Decal or Pin Board Maps are exactly what you are looking for!

What size is right for you?

The larger the map, the more pins you can fit without looking cluttered.

24” x 16” map is ideal for pinning countries or states. 36” x  24” map is ideal for pinning countries, states and a few cities.

Conquest Maps Modern Slate
Conquest Maps Modern Slate
Conquest Maps Modern Slate
Conquest Maps Modern Slate

A 48” x 32” 3-panel map is Ideal for pinning cities. A 54” x 36” 3-panel map s ideal for pinning lots of cities.

Now let’s take a look at how much space you have in the room you want to feature the map.

A 54” x 36” or 48” x 32” 3-panel map looks great in large areas such as family rooms and company offices. It makes a statement and becomes the talking point of the room.

Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage

A 36” x  24” map makes a powerful impact on a mantel, in a home office, or in a dining room.


A 24” x 16” map works well as part of a gallery wall or in smaller spaces like a guest room or kitchen.


A larger 58" X 29" vinyl makes a bold impression behind a couch or bed or along a staircase. Vinyls are available in a variety of styles and in white or black.

A 45.5" X 22.75" vinyl looks fabulous in front of a desk or in the kitchen. A 28.5" X 14" vinyl works well in a much smaller space such as a bathroom or nursery.


A small 14” x 17” vinyl can be used as a sweet laptop or fridge decal.


The textured maps are larger than the solid color vinyls to show detail and bricks to size. They range in size from 36" X 18" to 93" X 46.5" and can fit well in a variety of spaces - bedroom, family room, library, office and more!

What vibe are you going for?


Modern + Minimalist: OurModern Slate style is inspired by blueprints and scratched slate. The dark background and light lines give a contrast that stands out.


Classic: Our Rustic Vintage style is inspired by hand drawn maps of the past. The faded blues and browns give an refined look that complement a variety of home decor.


Antique: Taking it a step farther back in time, our Golden Aged style is inspired by old pirate maps and adventures. The look of aged parchment gives it a lot of character.

Do you want to be able to move the map if you change your mind?

Pin Board and Poster maps are able to be moved. Vinyls can be removed, but not reused.

What is your price range?

Under $25:  Our 24” x 16” Map Poster is a lower budget option.

Under $50: Our smaller Vinyl Maps if you want a more unique option.

Under $100: Our larger Vinyl Maps or 24” x 16” Pin Board Maps are a good mid-range option.

Under $200: Our36" x 24" Pin Board Mapsare our most popular option that fits well in most spaces!

$250+: Our 3-panel Pin Board Maps are a higher price point but well worth it for the size and quality!

Do you want it personalized?

Our pin board and poster maps are the only versions that offer customization at this time. Have your map printed with your last name, company logo, or a travel quote… the possibilities are endless!

What are you waiting for? Take a peek at our entire collection and start dreaming up your next adventure!