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7 Reasons Why Travel Is Important

7 Reasons Why Travel Is Important

Every time I cross a state line or get a new stamp in my passport, my heart beats a little faster with the excitement of getting to place another pin on my world map of places I have traveled!

I have found that traveling has become so important in my (and my family's) life. Why is travel so important? Here’s a list of 7 reasons why it can change us right down to our fundamental cores.

1. Improving Communication Skills

One of the main benefits of travelling, especially to areas where people speak another language, is that we learn how to communicate with all sorts of different people. We quickly find that communication can be nonverbal as we learn the art of pantomiming questions about directions and restaurant locations!

2. Learning Peace of Mind

We all have very stressful lives. Traveling helps us to disconnect from our daily routines, to live in the present moment, and to engage fully with activities like finding a good meal to eat or a comfortable place to spend the night.

3. Expanding Your View of the World

Traveling helps us connect with different people from different cultures. This,  Mark Twain once said, is the opposite of prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. Meeting other people from different cultures will help us see social issues and daily life from many different perspectives.

4. Confidence Boosting

You’ll find being in a place with complete strangers will assist you in gaining confidence and presence of mind. All of us travelers end up developing the ability to cope with unexpected obstacles, which will make us more confident and help us to grow as people.

5. Making Memories

Traveling with friends and family strengthens your ties to one another and gives you memories that will last a lifetime.. The special bond of exploring the world together can enrich any connection, and years afterward you’ll be able to pore over photos and social media albums of your journey together and relive the wild and crazy memories you’ve made.

6. Having Fun

No matter how young or old, no matter the profession, there is always a time when your inner child needs to have some fun! When traveling, we can break free from our habits, enjoy the moment, and recharge our batteries by connecting with the culture, its people, its architecture, and the local cuisine. It’s easy to understand why travel is important when you’re dancing in an Italian street festival or surfing the azure waves of Hawaii. 

7. Connect with Your History

The world is full of strange and exciting places to which our ancestry binds us. From the crumbling castles of Ireland to the ancient splendor of India’s Taj Mahal, the world is full of places where we can get a sense of where we come from and who our ancestors were. That connection to the past and to our own sense of being is a truly priceless thing.

Now that you’ve seen everything travel can bring to life, it’s the perfect time to start planning where you’re going to take your next journey! We’ve got the perfect maps to chart your course around the world, so what are you waiting for?

Let's See 'Em!

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