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New Jersey Wall Maps - Pin, Plan, and Celebrate Your Journey!

New Jersey is famous for its unique culture, bustling boardwalks, and the occasional reality TV show (you know which one!) Whether you’re hitting the iconic casinos or exploring one of the 35 incredible state parks found there, you’ll need a way to keep track of where you’ve been across the Garden State. And a New Jersey wall map with push pins is just the thing!

Our New Jersey travel maps come in over twelve unique and beautiful styles that are available as either a push pin map or a poster. While posters can’t be pinned, they make for beautiful pieces of art to accent your travel wall.

Each push pin map comes with two boxes of pins in your choice of colors, so the pinning and planning can begin as soon as your map arrives at your door! You also have the ability to create a personalized legend to make a map that is truly unique to your travel stories. This could include your name, a quote, or anything else that makes your travels special! Need help or legend inspiration? Take a look at our personalization guidelines!

It turns out that displaying a physical representation of your goals increases your chances of making those dreams a reality by as much as 65%! You won’t believe how inspired you feel each time you stick another pin in your New Jersey wall map. Our New Jersey maps come in many different styles, colors, and sizes to suit any decor style or personality.

A push pin map is the perfect way to plan your next getaway or remember your favorite past trips. The clear labels and updated map data make it simple to tell your destinations apart, while the high-quality canvas and premium water-based inks make it a map worthy of showcasing your favorite journeys.

Our simple-to-use legend design tool makes it easy to create a map legend tailored specifically to your travel dreams. Check out our optional decorative frame to add some extra pizazz to your New Jersey wall map, and choose from a variety of expansion pin boards to display any loose memorabilia you accumulated on your travels. But don’t leave your travel photos out! Our custom canvas prints are sized perfectly to complement your New Jersey travel map and showcase all of your favorite travel photos alongside your memories!