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California Push Pin Travel Maps

From lounging in the So-Cal sun to exploring the Bay Area and everything in between, California is a wonderland for relaxation and adventure. Now, you can track your adventures across the Golden State and celebrate them in your home in style with a California wall map! From our best-selling Modern Slate map to our classic and beautiful Rustic Vintage design, you are bound to discover the map to perfectly suit your home and your travel memories.

Premium Push Pin Travel Maps

With over a dozen different designs and four stunning sizes, your search for the perfect California travel map ends here! Pick out an assortment of colorful or specialty push pins to plan your next adventure or to commemorate your favorite trips.

Personalize your map legend and dress it up with a frame to create a map that is unique to your life story. Add an expansion pin board to display your travel memorabilia, or complement your map with custom canvas prints that show off your favorite landscapes or moments you experienced on your trips.

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project or a beautiful piece of map art for your home, each California travel map is also offered as a poster. Not sure which option is best for you? Learn more about each type of map here!

Your travels across California are unique, so your California wall map should be, too. Once you pin and plan your next adventure, you’ll be out there making memories in no time!