Expansion Pin Board - Modern Slate
Map Complement Pin Board - Modern Slate freeshipping - Conquest Maps LLC
Modern Slate Complement Pin Board
Expansion Pin Board - Modern Slate
Expansion Pin Board - Modern Slate
Expansion Pin Board - Modern Slate
Expansion Pin Board - Modern Slate

Expansion Pin Board - Modern Slate

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$ 64.00

Map Expansion Pin Board - Modern Slate Style

What do you usually put around your pin board map? Photos, tickets, travel keepsakes, and knickknacks, if we had to guess! Well, let's make this a LOT easier for you!

We've designed these "blank" pin boards to go right next to your map so that you can pin up all of your travel trinkets and memories right where it means the most. Then you can quickly swap them out after new trips without having to worry about frames, sizes, and other constraints. Just pin it on!

Choose a size that works for you, and get the style that matches your map! We have recommendations for each panel relative to its accompanying map, but don't let that keep you from choosing whatever size makes the most sense for you.

One thing to note is that if you bought your map quite a while ago, it's possible that colors may not be exact matches. We do our utmost to maintain high levels of consistency, but as materials change, printer calibration slowly changes, and time passes in a variety of environments, there are just too many variables to promise it will be spot on. But it will be very close at least! If you're buying this with your map right now, this is no problem at all :)

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Personalized Map Legend

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Personalized Note (Card Back)

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Thank You (Card Front)

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