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Personalized Illinois Travel Maps For Your Home

Illinois is home to a vibrant mix of big-city energy and small-town charm that is hard to find elsewhere. With a perfect mix of cultural landmarks and natural beauty, the state draws visitors from around the world to collect the unique experiences the state has to offer. After a long day of exploring, a personalized Illinois wall map is the perfect way to remember all the incredible memories you made!

Show Off Travel Memories with an Illinois Travel Map

A travel map is an eye-catching way to show off your travels while providing inspiration for future trips. By pinning all the memorable destinations you have been to, you can easily identify the places that you still want to explore. Whether you want to plan ahead to future trips or celebrate your precious memories, an Illinois push pin map is a must-have for any explorer!

Our Illinois wall maps are made by hand right here in the USA using only the highest quality canvas, wood, and pin boards. These maps are perfectly designed for travelers, using the most detailed and up-to-date map data available. This turns every push pin map into a stunning piece of art that becomes a centerpiece in any room!

With over a dozen stylish map designs, there’s something to suit any space. Design a personalized legend, choose your push pin colors, take a look at optional decorative frames, and you’re all set to start tracking and planning your travels on your Illinois travel map!

But celebrating your travel memories shouldn't end there! We are proud to offer a variety of travel decor to go alongside your new map. From expansion pin boards to show off small souvenirs to custom canvas prints to show off your favorite travel photos, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your travel wall!