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Why Travel Makes Us Happier (And More Benefits)

Why Travel Makes Us Happier (And More Benefits)

Have you ever wondered why you feel so down when you return home from a trip? Or why you look forward to a new travel experience, and look back at it with so much nostalgia?

Well, it’s literally human nature! We as humans are hardwired to travel. We are meant to explore, experience new things and make new memories as often as possible.

And if you catch yourself staying closer to home more often than not, you are missing out on some amazing opportunities to learn and grow as a person and live the happiest possible life!

In this article, we are breaking down the science of travel, why it is so good for us, and why we keep coming back for more!

Travel makes us happier

It’s proven that travel makes us happier! A 2021 study in the Journal of Tourism Analysis shows that frequent travelers who venture 75 or more miles from home several times a year are 7% more satisfied with their lives than those who never leave.

Spending money on experiences such as travel, rather than physical things brings us more joy in the long run. This is because we adapt to objects and the excitement fades over time. Compare that to travel, which creates happy memories that we can fondly recall indefinitely!

Travel positively affects our personality

Did you know? Traveling has a positive impact on our personality traits, according to a study by the American Psychological Association.

Since a lot of experiences are unfamiliar when you travel, you are bound to become a more open-minded individual. You come across people from a wide range of backgrounds with different ways of thinking and living.

You also may become more social since you have to interact with so many different types of people with interesting stories of their own.

Lastly, your creativity expands as you experience new places. With travel comes new sounds, smells, languages, tastes, sensations and sights.

There are ways to cure post-vacation blues

It’s not just you - post vacation blues and post-travel depression are very real things. They may result in tiredness, restlessness, loss of appetite, and just feeling down. Jet lag may intensify these effects.

Typically, the longer the trip is, the more intense these feelings and the longer it takes to recover. It is usually easier to adapt back to normal life if the trip was shorter.

Post-vacation blues will wear off over time. But sharing your experiences with friends and family, pinning your trip on your map, reminiscing frequently, and turning your attention to future trips definitely helps! The sooner you can book that next trip, the sooner you will have something on the horizon to look forward to! It’s truly a bit like an addiction. But in this case, it’s an addiction that benefits you and those around you!

Traveling to new places is better for us

Are you from a family who took the same trip to the same exact beach in Florida every summer? Each time you went back, you were flooded with memories and nostalgia of the past trips. There’s a feeling of comfort knowing almost exactly what to expect on these types of vacations. It’s tempting to want to repeat this experience into adulthood.

But, there are mental health benefits to visiting new places entirely. One of the biggest rewards of travel is the confidence you gain after pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, exposing yourself to the unknown and learning about a new place. The result is personal growth, emotional agility and greater human empathy, among many other things.

There are so many advantages to traveling, beyond what you may have thought possible. And if you never go, you’ll never know.

So many people stay close to their hometown or state forever and never create life-changing experiences of seeing new destinations, meeting new people and learning and growing as a person. Don’t let this be you!

Life is short and the world is wide. Go ahead and fill your life up with travel experiences instead of things. You’re guaranteed to be a happier, more open-minded person in the end.

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