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If you want to improve the world, start with the kids.

Children are the future leaders, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and scientists. If we want a world full of kindness, knowledge, and passion, we have to cultivate it in the younger generations now.

All over the world, children struggle with poverty and lack access to education. The United Nations declared August 12 International Youth Day to bring awareness to these issues.

For International Youth Day, we are celebrating an amazing organization, Show Me The World, that is doing its part to empower youth and provide them with a profound educational experience that goes beyond the classroom.


Show Me the World is on a mission.

A group of kids


Show Me The World’s mission is to provide youth from under-resourced communities equitable access to transformative educational experiences at home and abroad.”

In 2012, students at Vashon High School in St. Louis, Missouri participated in a “school swap” initiative with a nearby suburban school. The results showed an inequity in educational opportunities between the two schools, and inspired Vashon High students to create their international learning experience.

That’s how the first Show Me Costa Rica Project was born. After a period of fundraising and tremendous support from their community, these students were able to set off on their very first international adventure!

Once they returned home from their journey, the results were staggering. Within 2 years of joining Show Me The World, students were showing a 50% increase in their grade point averages, while 90% scored proficient or advanced on standardized biology exams.

Seeing how travel has enriched these students' lives is incredible. The results are proof that the opportunity to get out and see the world is one of the most formative experiences you can have. It has set these students toward an even brighter future!

Earlier this summer, Show Me The World sent another round of explorers on their first trip to Costa Rica. Each student was given their own push pin world travel map so that, upon their return, they could commemorate their first ever international trip with a map they will cherish forever.



Show Me the World has many exciting trips planned for future students.
We can’t wait to see the incredible things these young people will accomplish!

If their story has inspired you as much as it has us, consider donating toward their next trip! These kids are the future, so let’s pay it forward.