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Top Five US Cities for a Family Friendly Vacation

Top Five US Cities for a Family Friendly Vacation

Planning family friendly vacations can be stressful, especially when considering destinations that will be fun and comfortable for your children.

Maybe you’ve already mastered camping with your kids and you’re ready to move onto the next challenge. Or maybe you are a city slicker at heart and you want to share the thrill of a bustling city with your little ones.

Either way, the United States offers several cities that are perfect for your family’s weekend getaway! Check out these cities and use your next family friendly vacation to introduce your children to the excitement of traveling somewhere entirely new.


Orlando, Florida

The universal planet sign with Orlando in the background


Orlando is a premiere destination for family friendly vacations. Though it boasts a population of just under three hundred thousand people, tourists make the city feel alive year round.

Orlando is home to over a dozen theme parks that your kids are sure to love, including world-famous Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Once your family has their fill of roller coasters and water parks, there is an abundance of kid-friendly attractions waiting for you.

Spend a day at the Sea Life Orlando Aquarium, swim and explore the clear water of Kelly Park, or swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Orlando is a perfect family weekend getaway for those with more adventurous kiddos. The city is full of family-friendly hotels and resorts, many with amenities like on-site water parks or live entertainment!


Honolulu, Hawaii

A father and son on a kayak in the ocean


If you’re looking for the perfect tropical destination for a family friendly vacation and you’re prepared to brave an airplane with your kids, Honolulu might be just what you’re looking for!

Whether you are on a weeklong vacation or just a weekend family getaway, the nature preserves, endless miles of gorgeous beaches, zoos, and museums are plenty to keep your family busy.

Make it a trip your family will never forget by swimming with dolphins, trying out surfing, or exploring the gorgeous hiking trails around the city. While enjoying the beach, you can swim, collect seashells, paddleboard, kayak, or just lounge in the sun (just be sure to pack SPF!

Like Orlando, there is no shortage of family friendly resorts to relax and unwind after a long day of fun on the island.


New York, New York

A mother and daughter in New York City


The thought of a family friendly vacation in New York City can seem overwhelming at first. After all, it is the most populous city in the United States and is known for some of its more eccentric residents.

A trip to NYC can be thrilling for kids, especially if they haven’t yet experienced such a large and bustling city. Seeing the miles of skyscrapers is enchanting to see for the first time.

Make it educational by checking out the unique museums around the city or checking out landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. If your children are old enough, you can catch a Broadway show to make the trip even more memorable. And since you are staying in one of the biggest cities in the US, you will have endless options for family friendly hotels and restaurants!


Columbus, Ohio

The Columbus, Ohio skyline


Ohio is known as "the heart of it all," and Columbus is the heart of Ohio. Once you venture through the sprawling farmlands surrounding the city, your family will be delighted by the fun, unique city nestled among the cornfields.

Columbus is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, in part due to how family friendly it is! You could easily spend your entire family weekend getaway at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and then cool off at Zoombezi Bay, the adjacent water park.

If you want to keep the trip educational, you can head to COSI next. This interactive science museum is full of hands-on activities to show children science in action! Your kids will also love the Legoland Discovery Center, which is conveniently located in the luxurious Easton Town Center near another popular attraction for kids – one of only 18 American Girl Doll stores in the United States!

You also have the option to visit a variety of museums, explore the several Metro Parks, and even tour a real, functioning chocolate factory while on your family friendly vacation to Columbus!


Denver, Colorado

A wall in Denver, CO that says "Denver: Love this city"


Whether you are a family of professional mountaineers or want to explore the rocky wilderness for the first time, Denver is the perfect destination for a rugged weekend family getaway.

Not only is it a short distance from Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can hike and soak in the beauty of the mountains, but the city itself is full of activities for the whole family.

Take your kids to Dinosaur Ridge and check out the real fossils and footprints preserved at the site. The Denver Zoo is well-loved by families interested in wildlife, or you can teleport back to the Gold Rush days at the Argo Mill. If you are a family of thrill seekers, you have endless options to include snowboarding, skiing, or a cozy cabin getaway into your family friendly vacation to Denver.

Denver is so well-loved by families that it will start to feel like your home-away-from-home!

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