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Share your map with us!

Video Review Guidelines


1. Grab a smart phone or tablet.

2. Record a 1-2 minute video review using a tripod or as a selfie format. Ideally in portrait format, but landscape if easier.

3. Ensure you are in good lighting and there is no background noise.

4. Include the map in the background if possible or somewhere in frame. You can show yourself pinning it or zoom in on the detail. See the example below!


5. Talking point ideas:

  • Quality of the map
  • How the map has inspired you in your travels and/or to commemorate past travels
  • What you use your map for (US travel, world travel, national parks, etc)
  • Personalization (if applicable)
  • How the style chosen fits in your space
  • Your experience with us (ie. customer service, order fulfillment and delivery)
  • Where you want to "pin" next

6. Share the video with us by by uploading it below! If you have any issues, please email marketing@conquestmaps.com

Video Highlights

0:00 - How do you like your purchase?
0:11 - Share your map!
0:23 - What's in it for you?

Video Transcript

Hey guys, Ross here at Conquest Maps. I’m curious, how do you like your purchase? We want to see it! We want to know how you enjoy it and how it looks in your house or your office. We’re looking forward to seeing that.

One of the best ways you can show us is by taking a selfie video. Get yourself in there because we want to know you and how it looks in the environment with you talking about it.

We’re going to throw in a $10 gift card for you to spend however you’d like on our website. There’s instructions right next to this video. We want to hear the feedback with your happy faces alongside it.

So please take a minute, we’d appreciate it. We thrive on seeing how our products look in your house. We hope you take the time to do that. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to the email you were sent from. Looking forward to hearing from you!