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Map Sizes

Choosing the right size doesn't have to be too difficult! Use the information below to help you decide.

The links below that say "👁️ View this size in your space" allow you to use an Augmented Reality feature to view each of these sizes in your space.

Tips for best results:

  • Use a wide open space with minimal obstacles.
  • Use 1 or 2 fingers to drag and manipulate, but be careful with zooming.
  • If you can't place it exactly where you want it, even viewing it on a table or the floor can give you a good gauge of the size.



Landscape Maps | Portrait Maps | Square Maps

Landscape Maps

Beautiful maps come in all shapes and sizes. Many of our most popular maps come in 4 landscape sizes to fit into any space, big or small.



Great for small spaces or alongside bigger decor. Best for marking countries on a World map or states on a USA map – a smaller size that is ready to show off your biggest adventures!

👁️ View this size in your space


A beloved bestseller! Strikes a great balance between size, value, and pin-ability (is that a word?) while still fitting in almost any room. Ideal for marking countries, states, and major cities on a world map, or states and cities on a USA map.

👁️ View this size in your space


This map is HUGE! Our largest single panel map steals the spotlight in any room. Ideal for marking states and cities on a world map or cities on a USA map. Get ready for compliments! 

👁️ View this size in your space

54x36 (3-panel)

The ultimate conversation piece! Trust us when we say this one is BIG. Featuring high resolution and limitless pinning potential, it's your gateway to pinning every memory, big or small -- and will surely leave all your guests in awe.

👁️ View this size in your space


Landscape Maps | Portrait Maps | Square Maps

Portrait Maps

Our maps are pieces of art, so some of them (like state maps) come in portrait mode for best fit.


Great for smaller spaces and complementing other larger decor pieces (a 16 x 24 alongside a large World or USA map is STUNNING). Perfect for pinning general areas within a region!

👁️ View this size in your space


Our most popular portrait size is the perfect balance of value and room for pinning. Handles most pinning needs and fits well in most spaces. It's a best-seller for a reason!

👁️ View this size in your space


This map makes a serious statement and instantly becomes a focal point of any room. Very versatile and easy to pin every little detail!

👁️ View this size in your space


Landscape Maps | Portrait Maps | Square Maps

Square Maps

Some regions call for a little symmetry. So we've got squares for those!


The smallest square fits perfect in small rooms like dorms or offices, and looks incredible beside a larger map. Use it to pin general regions and special memories.

👁️ View this size in your space


A great balance of value, size, and detail. Commands more attention than the smaller size, but still great for a wide variety of spaces. Great for pinning the most detailed areas of a map with ease.

👁️ View this size in your space


This map was made to impress! Our largest square map is great for pinning cities and every little memory in between. 

👁️ View this size in your space