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The Conquest Maps Journey

Video Highlights

0:15 - The Big Idea
1:00 - The Early Days
1:24 - Where We Are Now
1:38 - Our Expertise
2:20 - What Sets Us Apart

Video Transcript

Hey there, I’m Ross, founder of Conquest Maps and I just wanted to take a minute and take you back to some of the roots of Conquest Maps. A little bit of behind the scenes and our story, why we are here, and where we came from.

It all started back in 2012 when I wanted a really nice map to put up on my wall for my wife and me to keep track of our travels. I looked around and couldn’t find one. Long story short, I decided to make it myself. I worked really hard, figured a lot of things out and it turned out really great. We put it up on our wall and that’s where it’s still hanging today.

I realized that I was on to something really cool and decided to share it with the world… or at least experiment with that. I made 5 more maps and put them up on Etsy. They sold!

I discovered something that people wanted and wasn’t there. I decided at the time that I should just go for it. I was working a full time job at the time and I was making maps before work, after work and on the weekends. I was also doing customer service and packing things up. There was this weird balance but it was a lot of fun. It came a long way until it reached the point that I couldn’t work two full time jobs anymore and I decided to jump all in with Conquest Maps and decided we were going to make a really big impact.

Now, we’ve got an awesome facility of 7,200 square feet and a team of nine people working hard here every day. We keep things as local as possible, making them here in Columbus, Ohio.

We have a lot of capabilities we are continuing to build upon to expand upon the things we can produce here in house. From our woodworking equipment and saws to pneumatic staple guns and machinery. Our canvas stretchers are also pneumatic which is what we use to wrap our canvas maps. We print almost everything in-house on our wide format printers. We have a new plotter cutter now to create die-cuts and vinyl maps with stickers. We also have a CNC machine to create wood products. We’re always working hard to expand on our capabilities and design cool new products in the travel niche for you.

We strive to keep everything produced right here in our facility, keeping it local and made in the USA. We take pride in that. As we try to find systems to make processes more efficient, we are still making sure we are putting the love and care into everything we make. That handmade touch is what makes us, us and what sets us apart.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is our team. They’re the people who are staying up late and coming in early to make sure that we’re delivering really great travel products for you guys. They put their heart and soul into it and we are super thankful for the team we have.

We are excited to help you on your conquest as time goes on. Until then, talk to you later!

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