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We are on a mission to help 1 Million People travel more.

When we travel, we collect experiences. We gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. We persevere and overcome challenges. And we learn how good our lives truly are.

In essence, through travel we are challenged to become the best versions of ourselves, which helps us show up better for our families, friends, and communities.

It's by helping others to travel that we help make the world a better place.

But we can't do it alone! If you feel similarly, then we should work together and amplify the impact we both have on those around us.

Discount Codes

With a $200+ average order value, that can add up very quickly!

Free Products

After $2,200 in sales, we'll give you a free personalized 36x24 map!

Affiliate Program

We'll provide the content so you can focus on getting the word out!

Inspire Your Audience

Help them achieve their travel goals & make the world a better place!

Who We Want To Work With

We want to leave the world better than we found it. And it's through travel that we are achieving that.

Regardless of your audience size, if you resonate with what we're aspiring towards, we want to work with you.

If you're a user of our maps and just want to share your passion with your friends on Facebook and make a little cash on the side, perfect!

If you're a world-renowned influencer who is impacting people at scale already, also great!

We're flexible. We just want to get the message out, help people track their travels, and ultimately, help them see more of the world.

We Want To Help You, Too

Just as we're building our business and helping people in our own way, you've got your thing, too.

If there's some way that we can help you get your message out, let us know! If it resonates with what we're doing and we believe our audience would benefit from the work you're doing, then that's what we would call a win-win-win.

From guest blog posts, email features, social media shares, and certainly plenty of other ways, we're here to support you, too.

We want to have a relationship with you. We're not very interested in one-off transactional work.

We're on this mission together. And that's what matters most.

The Process Is Simple:


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We use the Shopify Collabs network to manage our collaborations. You'll need to create a Shopify Collabs account and apply. After that, we'll handle the rest! You can access your account anytime.


Use The Content We Provide & Share With Your Audience

We'll provide new imagery, primer copy, and "out-of-the-box" banners for you to use. And we'll periodically create more so you can keep things fresh and relevant for your audience.


Make Money, Promote Travel, Improve Lives!

As we create positive impact together, we all win. Our message & products help more people, your audience directly gains those benefits, and you get paid to do what you already do!

Get started!

If you're ready to help your audience, be a part of something that creates positive change in the world, and get paid to do it, then we look forward to working with you!