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Gold Home Map Push Pins Conquest Maps LLC

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Red Heart Map Push Pins Conquest Maps LLC
Gold Heart Map Push Pins Conquest Maps LLC

Push Pins: Functional and Expressive

Your personalized map should be as unique as you are. That’s why we offer so many personalizations for your map, including the assortment of colored push pins for you to choose from. Whether you choose a handful of specific colors or opt for an assortment pack, you can take your map planning to a new level with colored pins!

You can get creative with how you use your map pins. Pin color can denote specific adventures, specific people, or just an intentional choice of color to best match your decor! Do you need help on how to use push pins to make your map stand out? Refer to our recommendations on which color pins match each of our various map styles to really make a statement with your personalized map.

Use Specialty Push Pins To Highlight Places You Love

Conquest Maps doesn’t stop at just pleasant mapping pins. We also have specialty heart and home pins to denote those special places you love. Each of these map push pins comes in your choice of gold, silver, or antique bronze to match any decor or to recognize specific people in your life. Use the home pins to denote your current residence as well as places you’ve lived in the past, and our heart pins for those special places that you want to visit again and again. With so many map pin options for customization, no two maps will ever be alike!