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How Traveling Together Can Strengthen Your Relationship

How Traveling Together Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Did you know... traveling with your significant other may be the key to keeping the romance alive!

Studies have shown that exploring the world together strengthens your bond and leads to a healthier, happier relationship. 

You will experience new things, learn and grow together, and get better at overcoming challenges as a team, along with several other benefits.

Read on to find out why the couple who travels together, stays together!

1. You spend quality time together

Life is often busy and stressful, making it difficult to carve out time for each other at home. When you are traveling, you have much more opportunity to live in the moment, take a break from boring routine, and spend uninterrupted quality time together.

2. You create shared memories

Your first sight of an epic skyline or sunset is much more memorable with the one you love by your side. And then you can take those moments home to share and reminisce on a push pin map to relive the memories together over and over again. Customize the legend to chart adventures of his and hers, solo and together, and in different color pins.

3. You work as a team

To succeed as a couple, it's important to learn how to problem solve and compromise. From planning the trip to navigating a foreign city, and everything in between, you will undoubtedly run into challenges that you will have to overcome together as a team. This will ultimately bring you closer and build trust in each other at the same time.

4. You experience new things together

The start of a new relationship is thrilling - and you don't want to lose that feeling over the years! When you try something new together, this will evoke feelings of excitement as your adrenaline gets pumping and your brain is high on dopamine. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone by taking on new experiences together - whether that's trying an exotic cuisine, skydiving, or whatever you can dream up!

5. You learn to communicate with each other better

According to a study by US Travel Association, couples who travel together are more likely to communicate well with each other than those who do not travel together. Hooray for less arguments!

6. You grow together

Travel is all about learning and growing and doing it together only intensifies the experience and opens your mind to different perspectives. These shared experiences help bring you to a deeper understanding of your partner.

7. You share a common goal and purpose

Even if you have vastly different hobbies and interests, if you share a common desire to take on the world together, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

8. You improve your intimate connection

Travel has been proven to ignite romance and deepen intimacy in couples. Those that travel together report more satisfaction in bed than those who don't, according to a study by US Travel.

9. You don't take each other for granted

When you are home, you are in your comfort zone and it’s easy to take each other for granted. You learn to appreciate the little things about each other while on the road.

10. You see each other at your worst (and your best!)

Hangry. Stressed. Sick. Injured. Sleepy. Chances are you’ll both experience these at some point on your trip. When you're away from home, vulnerability will be at on all time high. So it will be important to be as supportive as possible towards your struggling counterpart.

On a similar token, the very best in your partner will come out and remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place.

At the end of the day, there’s no better place to solidify your bond than on the road. So next time you get the chance to set off on an adventure with your partner for some much needed intimacy and excitement, take it!

But before you plan your next big escape together, you'll want a push pin map to keep track of your past adventures and inspire your trips to come!


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