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Why "Someday" Never Happens & You Should Just Go!

Why "Someday" Never Happens & You Should Just Go!

It's pretty easy to say to yourself, "I'd love to go skydiving someday." Or "We should really visit Australia someday." But... it never happens, does it?

Why someday never happens is pretty apparent: we have an infinite amount of responsibilities to take care of, and the list keeps growing every day. On a slightly deeper level, a little voice in your head might tell you before you set out on your next trip that you’re going to be missing out on something hugely important at home while you’re away.

At it's deepest though, someday really just means never because it is every bit as abstract and disconnected from reality. Which is why you have to book that flight! Commit to that vacation! It's the only way that adventure or experience will ever happen.

There's truth in the saying, "It's now or never." You don't necessarily have to do it now, but if you want to be able to look back at your life at some point down the road without regret, you have to "Just do it!" (...thanks, Nike).


Still on the fence?

Let's give you some reminders on what you might be missing out on:


Traveling enlightens you...

...in ways you can’t imagine until you’re there. And when you get back from a trip, you’ll find, without a doubt, that basically everything you love about home has stayed just the way you left.

Simply, travel helps you to grow.

Think about it. You see new sights, smell new aromas, talk to new people, eat new food — the possibilities are endless. All of these small experiences add up to give you a fresh perspective on life.


Travel is fun

Another great reason to just get up and go is that travel is fun and engaging. There’s rarely a dull moment when you’re traveling. The simple fact that you’re in a place away from home makes everything more exciting. Not to mention all of the activities you’ve been longing to participate in, be it relaxing in the Bahamas or hiking Mount Everest.


Reduce Stress!

Enjoying yourself can help you relieve stress. And relieving stress is likely to help you get things done more efficiently when you get back to your daily routine. Studies have shown that being calm and well-rested can optimize your performance. So once in a while, maybe you should plan a legit relaxation trip, with no agenda at all!


Carpe Diem

The biggest reason you should just get up and go, or at the very least start planning to do it, is that you’ll never find a better time to go than now. Sure, there are tons of excuses, and there always will be:

  • Work
  • Expenses
  • Family
  • Fear
  • Homesickness

And every justification is valid in its own right. But trust me when I tell you that the rewards far outweigh the cost. Traveling takes a bit of planning, so if you’re still hesitant about heading out, then at least start looking for places on the top of your list. Put a map on your wall and look at it every day!

There are a million reasons why someday never happens. Not knowing where to start doesn’t need to be one of them! Take a look at any number of our sweet pin board travel maps for a little bit of inspiration, and you’ll find yourself planning your trip right away.

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