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Planning a Road Trip with your Dog: The “Ulti-mutt” Guide

Planning a Road Trip with your Dog: The “Ulti-mutt” Guide

While taking a road trip alone can be a relaxing and blissful time, traveling with a friend can create an even more enriching experience. But what if your best friend has four legs and a wagging tail?

Planning a road trip with your dog doesn’t have to be stressful. With proper planning, you will be ready to embark on your dog-friendly road trip with your furry BFF in no time!

Dog-friendly Destinations

While the world is coming around to allowing pets in public spaces like restaurants, resorts, and hotels, you shouldn’t assume every establishment will welcome your pup. When planning a road trip, it’s important to consider destinations that have dog-friendly cafés, hotels, or campgrounds to visit. Some parks and hiking trails may have rules restricting dogs in certain areas, so keep this in mind as well when deciding where to sightsee with your pup.

When traveling with your pet, it is wise to make lodging reservations in advance — you don’t want to arrive in a town at night and discover that the only pet-friendly hotel in the area is fully booked! You may want to scope out some doggie daycares, too, in case you plan on an activity that won’t allow your dog.

A Push Pin Map from Conquest Maps is a great tool for brainstorming and planning your road trip itinerary — once you determine which points of interest along the way will accommodate your pup, you can mark your path on your travel map and feel confident when you set out on your expedition.

Know your pup!

Like people, dogs have their own unique personalities. Some tend to be anxious or reserved, while others are ready to conquer any task with their human by their side! Take this into account when choosing destinations and activities to enjoy with your dog. Your nervous pup may do just fine on a quiet hike, but will be absolutely miserable if you try something like white water rafting. 

When considering your destination, it’s also important to consider your dog’s specific personality, abilities, and limitations. For example, an Australian Shepherd may have a great time hiking through the mountains, while a French Bulldog would prefer to lounge in the shade of a lakeside patio.

Packing and Preparing

Packing for your road trip may seem simple enough, but remember that a bag of food, a water bowl, and a leash are just a few of the supplies you will need. 

While traveling with your dog, always ensure you have enough food and water with you to sustain your dog in case of an emergency. Remember that while hiking or enjoying the beach, your dog may require more water than usual to stay hydrated. This is normal!

You should bring copies of any vet or vaccination records you have. Some pet-friendly hotels may require proof of vaccination, and it’s helpful to have their medical history on hand in case of an unexpected vet visit in a new city. You should verify that your pet’s identification tags are up to date with your current contact information, and you may want to consult your veterinarian about microchipping your dog before you leave, in case you end up being separated while out on your adventure.

Safety in the car is another priority to keep in mind when planning a long road trip with your dog. Travel crates are available in a variety of sizes and tend to be a safer option for your dog in case of an accident. It gives them a safe space to themselves to relax while cruising. Or, if your dog prefers to keep their eyes on the road, there are a variety of seat protectors, seat belt harnesses, and other related products available to keep your pup comfortable and protect your car from wear and tear.

Set off and Make Some Memories!

Once you are paw-sitive that you have your perfect route planned and you have packed all the necessary supplies, you are ready to set out on your road trip with your dog BFF! Proper planning will bring you a lot of peace of mind, so you can focus on enjoying your trip and seeing new places with your pup in tow. Be sure to take lots of photos and use your Push Pin Map from Conquest Maps to immortalize your journey and provide travel inspiration for all your future adventures!

Pets are a huge part of our lives, and you will cherish these memories of your road trip with your dog for years to come!


White dog with cheetah-print bandana seated on floor in front of Conquest Maps Push Pin Travel Map.

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