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Get "Snack" To It: Road Trip Snack Ideas

Get "Snack" To It: Road Trip Snack Ideas

Road trips can be a divisive topic for travelers. Some of us love sightseeing along the open road, while others dread the long hours of driving that can seem endless.

Either way, there are a few sure-fire ways to make the seemingly endless car rides more enjoyable: a playlist of your favorite songs, an attentive co-pilot in the passenger seat to navigate, and most importantly – road trip snacks!

Any seasoned road tripper knows that the perfect trip requires a stop (or several!) at the gas station to pick up your favorite treats or a carefully packed cooler to keep your stomach full and your mind busy.

Whether you decide to prepare make-ahead meals for traveling or you pick them up on the road, here are some can’t-miss road trip snack ideas!


From the Gas Station

Corn Nuts

A bowl of corn nuts


We know the name is not especially appealing. But if you are a fan of salty, crunchy snacks, you will fall in love with Corn Nuts!

This snack is made of toasted salted corn nuts and is offered in a variety of flavors aside from the original, ranging from Jalapeño Cheddar to Ranch to Chile Picante Con Limón. Make sure you grab your favorite soda or sparkling water to wash down this salty road trip idea!


Topo-Chico Sparkling Mineral Water



When it comes to top-tier refreshing gas station beverages, it doesn’t get better than Topo-Chico!

This refreshing sparkling water drink has rightfully earned its cult following, so it may be a little harder to find than the other options on our list, but it is so worth it. This water has been bottled in Monterrey, Mexico since 1895 and became wildly popular in Texas and Mexico, before becoming an American favorite in recent years. Try to snag it in the glass bottle for the best experience (just remember to bring a bottle opener!)


Sunflower Seeds

A pile of sunflower seeds


This popular treat is reminiscent of the hot summer days of Little League and camping trips. If you go with the in-the-shell variety, it keeps you occupied with cracking the seeds.

They are also full of several types of vitamins, making them a perfect healthy road trip snack idea!


Beef Jerky

If you are looking for a delicious, high-protein snack that will also fill your entire car with its stench, look no further than beef jerky!

It is a longtime favorite of travelers because it is dense in calories but easy to eat on the go. Perfect for when you need a quick bite to refuel on the road!


Rice Krispie Treats

Inevitably, at some point along your journey you will catch a craving for something sweet. If you are traveling in warm weather, a melty chocolate snack is not ideal.

Rice Krispie Treats are the perfect road trip snack idea to cure your sugar craving, and they are sold in nearly every gas station. You can easily spot them in their iconic blue foil packaging in any snack aisle!


Make-Ahead Meals for Traveling

Salad in a Jar

Three salads in jars


It can be difficult to fit in healthy meals while traveling. Keep up your veggie intake on the road with this quick and easy idea that lets you enjoy salad on the go!

All you need is a mason jar, your favorite salad ingredients, and dressing. Pour the dressing in the bottom, layer your veggies on top, and seal with the lid. Store the jars upright in a cooler, and simply shake up the jar once you’re ready to enjoy your salad.

It’s a perfect road trip snack idea for a rest-stop picnic!


Bento Box

A kid about to dig into a tasty bento box


Making your own bento box is basically like creating the grown-up version of a Lunchable. The different compartments make it easy to plan your portable snack.

Keep it simple with cheese, crackers, and some fruit. Or get creative with one of these fun and tasty recipes! The possibilities are endless, and the convenience can’t be beat.

Here is our favorite bento box to use for our make-ahead travel meals!


Sandwich Pinwheels

This easy, mess-free sandwich alternative is the perfect road trip snack idea for traveling families! It is inexpensive and simple to make several at once, so you can easily feed many hungry mouths on the road.

Layer sandwich ingredients on a tortilla or wrap of your choice. You can choose from the classics like PB & J or ham and cheese, or add any tasty toppings of your choice. Roll it up, then cut it into slices. Store in your cooler and enjoy them anytime you need to refuel on the road!


Mason Jar Fruit Parfaits

A yogurt parfait in a little jar


In addition to salads, it turns out that mason jars are the perfect way to bring a delicious and convenient fruit parfait with you on your trip!

The best part of this road trip snack idea is that they are so easy to make. Simply layer yogurt of your choice and fruit in the mason jar. Add the granola on top and seal. Some recipes take it up a notch with honey or maple syrup. Keep it in your cooler and dig in anytime you need a refreshing fruity snack!


Pasta Salad

Who doesn’t love a tasty pasta salad loaded with veggies? Make your favorite recipe or freestyle it for a unique flavor that is all yours to enjoy!

Packing it in a Tupperware or mason jar makes it a perfect, simple make-ahead meal for your travels. The combinations of carbs and veggies will keep you energized for anything your road trip throws at you!


So, which do you prefer? Do you pack a cooler at home, or are you a gas station snack aficionado? Either way, hopefully, you found the perfect road trip snack ideas to keep you full and happy on your adventures!

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