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Famous Street Art Destinations Around the World

Famous Street Art Destinations Around the World

The human compulsion to create art anywhere and everywhere has led to the unique phenomenon of street art.

From famous artists to unknown local creators, street art encompasses everything from murals to political statements. While there is value in viewing art in a museum, you can find some of a city’s most impactful pieces right in the street!

Here are 5 destinations to see the most thought-provoking and famous street art around the world!


1. London



When it comes to street art, no contemporary artist has made a name for themselves quite like the iconic Banksy. While no one knows his true identity, his irreverent works are found around the world.

London hosts a variety of different Banksy murals that are designed to be both thoughtful AND thought-provoking. You can spot them throughout the city, or head to the Banksy Tunnel on Leake Street to see some of his art alongside other talented street art creators!


2. New York City

New York


After a real estate project drove street artists from Queens, the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick became a premier destination for famous street art. To experience all that Brooklyn has to offer, you can embark on a Brooklyn graffiti and street art walking tour!

Once you’ve seen all the wonderful art in Brooklyn, there are spots around the city to see even more unique and eye-catching street art (you might even spot a Banksy!)


3. Mexico City

Mexico City


From food to museums to street art, Mexico City is filled to the brim with amazing cultural experiences. The street art here is influenced by the Aztec and Mayan civilizations that called Mexico home, and often feature political statements.

You can check out the Plaza Luis Cabrera to see an ever-changing display of art by local artists. Next, stop by the Museo del Juguete Antiguo México and admire the large and famous street art mural here which inspired the museum to host a street art festival!


4. Istanbul

Istanbul (not Constantinople)


Istanbul has become such a prominent destination for street art that the neighborhood of Kadikoy hosts an annual mural festival to celebrate! In this city, artists are encouraged to spread their art along the buildings and walls, with some truly beautiful results.

Here, you can view murals from a variety of talented and creative artists using different styles to bring their art to life. You can even spot some pieces from Lakormis, one of the few women street artists practicing today.


5. Berlin



Germany’s capital city of Berlin has made a name for itself as one of the most prominent destinations for famous street art in Europe. Murals and graffiti cover the entire city! This includes pieces from the elusive Blu, who you can think of as an Italian Banksy.

A must-see in Berlin is the East Side Gallery. Once part of the Berlin Wall, this nearly mile-long work of art shows off peaceful messages by urban artists from around the world.


Across the globe, urban artists are working to make our trips to new cities just a little brighter. If you’re an art lover, which of these destinations are you adding to your itinerary first?

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