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5 Simple Ways to Celebrate and Preserve Family Memories

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate and Preserve Family Memories

Family memories are some of the most precious treasures we have in life. 

They are memories that will last forever, and bring us so much joy as we think back to precious moments with those who are most important to us. 

As time passes, these memories can begin to fade away, making it even more important to find ways to preserve them.

Fortunately, there are so many sweet ways to celebrate family memories in your home decor.

Here are some of our favorite ways to preserve and celebrate your family’s memories in your home!


1. Create a family journal.

Creating a family journal or scrapbook is a creative project that the whole family can participate in.

It’s a great way to collect memorabilia and photos from major events, like holidays and vacations. But don’t forget to also document the sentimental moments of daily life! 

So often, we forget to appreciate those memories while they are happening. Even just a quick paragraph each day about what your family was up to might eventually lead to hours of reminiscing on the good ol’ days. 


2. Interview your family. 

The technology that we have available at our fingertips today makes it easier than ever to preserve family memories!

Recording video interviews with each member of the family (especially your kids) captures the essence of your family at that exact moment in time. You’ll get to watch your family and children grow over the years. 

You might not realize it now, but one day these videos will be some of your most prized memories.

Try to stick to a regular schedule. Maybe you film family interviews every few months, or before or after holidays. 

In addition to the big life events, ask your family members about the little things, too. What they’re learning in school, who their best friends are, and what they hope for in their futures will be captivating to look back on after years have passed.


3. Designate a memory wall.

It’s likely you already have photos incorporated into your family’s home decor. But do you have an entire wall dedicated to showcasing your most precious moments? When it comes to preserving memories, the more the merrier!

Maybe you go with the traditional framed photographs approach or switch it up with canvas photo tiles. But don’t stop with pictures!

You can show off your household’s personality using wall art that symbolizes what’s most important to you.  If your family loves to travel, a push pin map alongside your favorite photos is a simple and stunning way to incorporate your family memories into your home.  

A memory wall is also a perfect home for your kids’ artwork, trophies, or shadow boxes showing off family memorabilia. We love this guide for creating a sentimental baby clothes shadow box!

4. Go old-school with photo albums. 

Is there anything quite as nostalgic as photo albums? While today we preserve memories on our phones, many of us still remember the feeling of flipping through family photo albums with our parents or grandparents. 

Even if you commit to a memory wall, there are bound to be tons of photos that don’t quite make the cut. Maybe they are too candid, or the memory is too personal. But they still deserve a spot in your family’s home decor!

Choose a photo album book that suits your style, and fill it with all your family memories that deserve a spot on the pages. It will make a perfect accent on your coffee table, and flipping through the pages will be the walk down memory lane that you didn’t know you needed!

5. Design a family calendar every year.

If daily journaling doesn’t fit into your daily routine, keeping up with a family calendar is another way to involve the whole family in  preserving memories.

At the beginning of each year, design a calendar using children’s artwork or family photos for each month. Then, fill it in with important events, holidays, and birthdays. Be sure to grab lots of stickers or stamps so your family can document important days throughout the year.

If something notable happens that day, mark it on the calendar! At the end of the year, just a quick glance will bring back so many memories. Hold on to your calendars so that one day, you can reminisce on years at a time. 

No matter how you choose to preserve and showcase your family’s memories, trust us when we say that you will one day be glad that you did. These special moments pass in the blink of an eye, but you can reminisce forever. And one day, you will have a tangible piece of these memories to pass on to the next generation of your family!

How do you preserve your family’s memories in your home?

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