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3 Inspiring People Who Have Been To Every Country

3 Inspiring People Who Have Been To Every Country

Every Country???

There are many people who consider themselves travelers, but few who can match up to the international, visionary journeying of a select group of individuals who have truly been there and back again. To follow, are brief stories of three exceptionally inspirational people who have been to every country in the entire world. Yes, every single one.

Sascha Grabow

Sascha Grabow Visited Every Country

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Widely considered among the top three travelers known to man, Sascha Grabow has officially visited more countries and territories than any other person in the world. He started traveling on his own at only 17 years of age. It all began when he moved from his hometown in Germany to the warmer climates of Italy in order to be able to practice tennis year-round.

Sascha began seriously traveling after finishing his professional tennis career because of a passion to learn from other cultures firsthand. This driving force inspires him to stay in a country for at least one month at a time and move from place to place via hitchhiking or biking. After years of traveling, a process that included deportation, theft, and even imprisonment, he finally fulfilled his dream of visiting all 193 UN countries in 2016.


Johnny Ward

Johnny Ward Visited Every Country

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Born and raised in a small Irish town, Johnny starting traveling after graduating from university, in part, to find jobs, but also to satisfy an inner craving to explore the world. After a few years of flying from a dissatisfying job in one country to the next, he decided to make a living from traveling by documenting his experiences in other countries.

His top travel blog, “OneStep4Ward,” became such a hit that he was able to expand it into a media company that fully funded his trips. The blog recounts such impressive events as:

  • A five-day trip up the Mekong River as a stowaway in a cargo boat
  • Entering Yemen in the midst of a full-scale civil war
  • Breaking a leg in Thailand

    Johnny finalized his world conquest in Norway in 2017, and celebrated the occasion with a group of friends and family.


    Gunnar Garfors

    Gunnar Garfors Visited Every Country

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    Gunnar Garfors is a media mogul and author from Norway, and the first person to have traveled to every country while holding a full-time job. Now that’s dedication for you! He has set all kinds of travel-related world records as a hobby, including:

    • Being the first person to visit five continents in one day
    • Visiting the most number of countries (19) in a 24-hour period


      So what do you think?

      With a little bit of effort and planning, you very well could become one of the few people who have been to every country. As wild as it might seem to you now, it's actually quite straightforward—you simply get up and go. Whether it’s for pleasure, work, or an insatiable desire for adventure, visiting new countries is an exciting and unforgettable achievement that stays in your memory and in the record books forever.

      "But how do you keep track of all the countries you have been to?", you ask. Well we have you covered :)

      Track your world conquest with one of our travel maps!

      Let's Go!

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