Push Pin World Maps

Push Pin World Maps

Look no further!

Your beautiful handmade world map pinboard is right here.

A World Travel Map made just for you!

  • Plan your future travels and track your past adventures!
  • Highest quality push pin world maps available
  • Free shipping! (contiguous US)
  • 7 different styles to choose from
  • 5 sizes for the perfect fit
  • Personalizable legend (title area)
  • ½” wood fiber pin board! Environmentally friendly and more durable
  • 100 push pins included (50 each of 2 colors of your choice)
  • Helpful and friendly customer service (Questions? Click the blue button in the bottom right!)
  • Handmade in Columbus, Ohio
  • Tens of thousands of happy customers and counting!

Choose Your Style to Start!

Personalize Your Map Legend!

World Push Pin Travel Map Default Legend

Every map comes with a standard legend unique to its style, but they all say "The World" as the title, and "Past Adventures" and "Yet to Explore" as the pin lines.

Push Pin World Map Custom Legend

But you can make it say about whatever you want!

"The Adventures of...", "Oh the places you'll go!", or just a family name. Get creative! We'll work with you to make it look excellent. Even choose alternative graphic layouts!

All About Our
World Push Pin Travel Maps

Custom Internal Frame

Featuring a custom-designed, handmade internal frame built to support your canvas and pins.

Handmade Conquest Maps Frames

Built Like No Other

The only pinnable maps in the world using REAL CORK - a high quality, long-lasting, environmentally friendly solution.


High quality canvas printed with water-based inks, featuring a beautiful matte finish.


Completely original and unique map styles with accurate map data.

Real Cork Pin Board Travel Map Base

Handmade in the USA

From graphic design and printing to production and shipping, everything is done within our facility here in Columbus, Ohio by our small dedicated team.

Push Pin Maps Stretched By Hand Made in USA

Simple to Hang & Use

Plus hanging instructions to guide you


Fantastic customer service in case you have any questions along the way

Easy To Hang Push Pin Travel Maps

Keep It For Years

This is a keepsake to cherish and grow with! Document your life's adventures and reminisce with your friends and family.

Beautiful World Pin Map Keepsake

5 Size Options

24x16 - 36x24 - 48x32 Push Pin World Map
3 Panel Triptych World Map Pinboard
Dimensions Weight

24" W x 16" T x 1.25" D

5 lbs.

36" W x 24" T x 1.25" D

11 lbs.

48" W x 36" T x 1.25" D

21 lbs.

48” W x 32” T x 1.25” D (TOTAL)
16” W x 32” T x 1.25” D (EACH PANEL)

21 lbs.

54” W x 36” T x 1.25” D (TOTAL)
18” W x 36” T x 1.25” D (EACH PANEL)

23 lbs.

(click the left or right arrow button beside the image to see the 3-panel versions!)

What Our Customers Are Saying

Best. Map. Ever.


"Conquest Maps has outdone themselves! I purchased a customized map for my wife for our 1st wedding anniversary. She loves it. The quality is fantastic, and the Conquest Maps team was amazing and responsive to all of my questions throughout the entire process. I would recommend Conquest to anyone looking for a fantastic product with fantastic service."


- Blake Balka, 10/29/2019



"I have been looking for a map to mark our travels but couldn’t find anything worthy of hanging on our walls. This. Is. PERFECT! I love it. Beautifully made."


- Anastasia Detwiler, 10/16/2019

High quality, beautiful addition to our living room!


"I LOVE this map. I finally ordered it after pining for it for months. We got a custom legend and it turned out perfectly. The customer service was impeccable and shipping was fast. I also love that it is made in the good ol’ US of A. This map will be enjoyed by our family for years to come!"


- Goran Mitich, 10/01/2019

The perfect addition to my office!


"I bought this to put over my desk, and I am thrilled with how great it looks. It’s a conversation starter for both co-workers and students alike, as people love to point out where they’ve been, where they come from, and where they’d like to go. And it looks amazing. I am extremely pleased."


- Karen McGrath, 08/29/2019

Perfect gift, very happy!


"The map is very high quality and looks even more beautiful in person. The company’s customer service is excellent. My order shipped very quickly and was packaged really nicely to avoid any damage. I am giving this as a gift to my parents for their anniversary. Highly recommend!"


- Stephanie, 08/08/2019

Oh The Places I’ll Go


"This map is beautifully made, love that it has cork to hold the pins properly. Great statement wall highlighting my travels. I enjoy it every time I walk into the room. Thank you for the quality, attention to detail, speedy production and fast delivery."


- Elizabeth Jeske, 07/28/2019

Amazing quality


"The map quality is so high. I have been searching high and low for a map to document our travels, and this map exceeded our expectations. My son had a great time putting the pins to the places he has been."


- Hea Jin Thomas, 07/24/2019

Loved it!!!


"I purchased the map for my daughter as an early 16th birthday gift. When she got home and saw the box she was over joyed, immediately opened it. She started pinning where we had been and where we are going in Italy later this month. My husband likes the map so much that we will be ordering a large size for our family room. It really is nice!!!"


- Natalia Cruz, 07/12/2019

Love our map!!


"I just love our map! I love seeing where we've been & recalling the memories, as well as the places we still want to go. SO fun to research the new spots & can't wait to get to the many locations. Its a BIG, beautiful world, I can't sit in one place!!"


- Carrie Weed, 05/27/2019

Explore Our Styles &
Choose Yours Now!

Color Splash

Ready for a map that's truly your own?


Introducing our Personalizable Color Splash World Map Pin Board!


With 12 classy colors to choose from, this will fit about any color scheme you can think of.


Featuring a subtle graphic texture for depth, a clean white base, and colored land for a modern, yet playful style.


(We'll even let you choose your own colors if you don't love one of our options!)

Customized World Push Pin Travel Map with Push Pins - Personalizable Color Splash

Modern Slate

A minimalist design combined with that industrial grunge vibe!


It's inspired by old blueprints, scratched slate, and modern boldness, while still providing current information.


The dark background and light graphics contrast each other to make a map that stands out and complements your home decor!

Push Pin World Map Canvas with Pins - Modern Slate

Natural Earth

Ever wish you could see our planet from outer space?


Well... we can't necessarily help you do that, but we'll say this is the next best thing!


Track your travels on our Natural Earth style map!


We've recreated the landmass shading and textures to look just like the real thing, all while maintaining a stunning color palette that is sure to turn heads as you add more and more pins!

Places I've Been World Travel Map Pin Board w/Push Pins - Natural Earth

Rustic Vintage

This map is designed to feel old and rustic, inspired by the vintage character, aged paper, and hand-drawn maps of earlier times, while still providing current information.


The blues and browns are subdued just enough to lend it an antique look, but still, create a powerful impact in any room.

Places I've Been World Map with Push Pins - Rustic Vintage

Classic Marble

Blending true classic and modern decor, this style pays homage to past cultures with its Roman and Greek architectural influence, clean elegance, and soft yet powerful presentation.


The white color and subtle marbled texture will go perfectly with any home decor!

Nursery World Pin Map w/Push Pins - Classic Marble

Deep Espresso

The best part of waking up is... remembering your past adventures and day dreaming about where you're headed next!


Naturally, that's why we named this style Deep Espresso!


Its rich browns and creamy tans make this a map that you'll truly love in your home (and it might just deliver that extra boost you need for your next trip)!


It features land texture and ocean shading, really adding to the depth of this beautiful piece.

Brown World Travel Map with Push Pins - Deep Espresso

Golden Aged

Inspired by old pirate maps, antique aged parchment, and adventures!


This map provides current information while still capturing the allure of a world from another time.


This could be very fitting in your library, bar, cigar room, or just your living room.


It boasts a lot of character that's going to be a true conversation starter!

Pirate Themed World Travel Push Pin Map with Pins - Golden Aged

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