Decorative Map Frames

The finishing touch for displaying your travels proudly

Upgrade your map!

Save yourself the extra time and money you'd spend at a custom frame shop - and put it towards travel instead. Upgrade your map with a beautiful wood frame today!

Upgrade your map with a

Beautiful Custom Frame

βœ” Make your map unique
βœ” Give it a clean, finished look
βœ” High quality, built to last
βœ” Made in Columbus, OH, USA
βœ” Designed specifically to fit your map size and style
βœ” Multiple colors to choose from to match your map

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How to choose your perfect map frame:

Step 1: Identify Your Map's Size & Style

We'll help you, it's very simple!

Step 2: Choose A Color

Visualize what different frame colors look like on different map styles so you can make your decision with confidence.

Step 3: Install Your Frame

We'll ship you your frame! You'll attach your new frame to your map using the included hardware and easy-to-follow instructions.

You Asked...

...We Listened.

Having helped over 50,000 travelers track their adventures, one of the most common requests has been for map frames.

Well, there is soon to be no more need for searching or relying on custom frame shops.

Who better to make your frame than the people who made your map??

Choose my frame

Does your map feel naked?

Many of our customers go on to frame their maps, whether that's because they want an added level of finish, they want their map to have more visual impact, or they just simply like the look!

While none of our maps need to be framed, doing so is undoubtedly one great way to elevate their look.

The problem is that custom framing is very expensive and takes a long time… time that might be better spent planning and reminiscing as you pin your map!

That's where we come in. Who better to make your frame than the people who made your map??

It's easy to get the perfect frame for you. Simply identify your map size and style (we'll walk you through that), choose the frame color/finish you prefer, and we'll get to work!

Once your frame arrives, installation is simple. We provide the necessary hardware and instructions. All you'll really need is a screwdriver!

Get started by clicking the button below, so that you can save yourself both money and hassle, and have a beautifully framed map that you're proud to show off.

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