Standard Legend

All maps come with a standard legend. The standard legend reads in this format:

Heading: [Region Name]

Line 1: "Past Adventures"

Line 2: "Yet To Explore"

You can personalize your legend by selecting the "PERSONALIZED" option above. This allows you to change the words in your legends to be practically anything you want. In addition to being able to change the legend text, all map regions except for states have 5 alternative legend options available for you to choose from (more info below).

Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage World Legend
Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage North America Legend
Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage USA Legend
Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage Europe Legend
Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage Caribbean Legend
Thomas & Katie Modern Slate Legend

Personalization Process

  1. Choose the "PERSONALIZED" option on a personalizable product
  2. Provide the text and legend number (see options below) you would like to include in the text box labeled "Personalized Text". You may have a title, and up to 3 lines of text OR a quote, phrase, wedding name and date, etc. (see below for instructions) NOTE: space is more limited on some of our designs than others, so each case will be treated as unique, and in the event things simply just won't fit, we will contact you to figure out a different solution. Generally, we can make things work though!
  3. You will receive a proof via email that you can use to double check spelling. Please respond as soon as possible, as we won't print your map until you approve your proof! Expect your proof within 1-2 business days.
  4. Once approved, we print, assemble, and ship your map!

Legend Styles

After choosing "PERSONALIZED" you can choose an alternative legend if you would like. We have 5 alternative legends with option "1" being the default legend. Please provide your legend number choice in the text box labeled "Personalized Text". If you do not provide a preference, the default legend style will be used.


NOTE: If you would like an alternative legend with the default text you still must choose a “PERSONALIZED” option, as it is a unique job that we do not keep in stock.

Conquest Maps Rustic Vintage Default Legend

Legend 1: FREE

Rustic Vintage  Alternative Legend 4

Legend 4: +$20

Rustic Vintage  Alternative Legend 2

Legend 2: +$20

Rustic Vintage  Alternative Legend 5

Legend 5: +$20

Rustic Vintage  Alternative Legend 3

Legend 3: +$20

Rustic Vintage  Alternative Legend 6

Legend 6: +$20

Conquest Maps Wanderlust Rustic Vintage Legend

Personalized Text Format

Please include your text in the "Personalized Text" box with the following format to avoid ambiguity:

Heading: "Heading Text"

Line 1: "Line One Text"

Line 2: "Line Two Text"

Legend: #

For example:

Heading: "Our Conquest"

Line 1: "Past Adventures"

Line 2: "Yet to Explore"

Legend: 4


"Not all who wander are lost."

Important Information

  • Please allow 3-5 business days for custom work to be completed. It may take less time, but please plan accordingly. It is also up to you to respond with your proof approval in a timely fashion (ideally within 1 business day), as your map will not be printed until we receive your confirmation. We are not at fault for late shipments if we are waiting for your approval.
  • Make sure you provide an email address and create an account (prior to, or during checkout by checking the box beside "Save this information for faster checkout next time" on the "Customer Information" page and following the instructions in the email that will be sent to you shortly after placing your order), otherwise we cannot send you a proof, and therefore cannot move forward with your order.
  • It is possible that your proof will get stuck in your spam filter, therefore it's very important that you check it if you haven't heard from us within the above time frame. We may have sent your proof and are simply awaiting your response. We do our best to follow up if we don't hear from you. Please note that if we cannot reach you by email within 21 days, your order will be cancelled and fully refunded. You can replace the order at your convenience. To avoid this possibility entirely, whitelist “”. In the case that no email address is provided to send a proof to, we will wait for you to contact us, or cancel the order at the end of 21 days.
  • We are not responsible for any typos you make, though we are trying to help minimize errors by providing the proof approval process. Once the proof is approved, we can no longer accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges of custom work.
Conquest Maps Not All those who wander are lost Modern slate legend

Legend Inspiration!

Here are some examples of what we have put on the other maps! Scroll through here or just head to our Pinterest Board to view everything at once.

Legend Personalization Ideas

Need some inspiration for your personalized legend?
Here are some that other customers have put on their maps. Some are wild and crazy, some are heartfelt and simple.
It's up to you!

  • "The Davis’s Adventures" (heading), "His" (line 1), "Hers" (line 2), "Together" (line 3)
  • "My World Exploration" (heading), "Home" (line 1), "Past Journeys" (line 2), "Vacations to Come" (line 3)
  • "Congratulations Alex and Tara!" (Heading), "Married" (line 1), "June 25, 2014" (line 2)
  • "Conquest Maps LLC" (heading), "Where We’ve Shipped To" (line 1), "Consignment Stores" (line 2), "Vendors" (line 3)
  • "Not all those who wander are lost."

You can also check out this Blog Post for more ideas and inspiration!