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Christmas Rush 2017!

It's Nearly Here!

The holidays are always a great time, but let's face it: it's pretty stressful for most of us who don't have all our shopping done by early June like my mom!

Don't worry. Here's what you need to know about our shipping times and how we can help you get your map in time:



Order by 12/12/2017 for guaranteed delivery to the lower 48 USA of STANDARD maps.

There is definitely a possibility that orders placed later than this may make it, but we won't promise it since we are experiencing very high volume for the holidays. The longer you wait, the less likely it is, so get it in!

Personalized orders always take an extra couple days due to the custom graphic creation and proof approval process. Guaranteed delivery order date for Personalized maps is 12/09/2017, which has of course now passed. Which leads do the next important thing:


Personalized orders take longer, so approve your proof ASAP!

We'll send you a proof within one business day of your personalized maps. But then it's in your hands. Respond to us as soon as you can and if you approve it, we'll get it into the production queue. All of our Personalization Guidelines are still in effect, regardless of the holiday rush. 


International Orders... may still have some hope!

We do have some DHL options if you need a shipment internationally, and they are typically 2-4 days worldwide. The catch? It's pretty pricey. As in $100 to $300 or more sometimes. But it's an option!


Can I get it quicker even though it's well past the cutoff day?

Well... maybe. Again, we have to prioritize orders as they come in. But we do have an expedited shipping option for pretty much all items. Those will be available when you check out.


Couriers. They've got limits right now as well.

As of our latest information, here are the cutoff dates for shipments that should make it by Christmas:

FedEx Ground (commercial destinations) or UPS Ground: Friday, Dec. 15
FedEx Home (residential destinations): Monday, Dec. 18
USPS Priority Mail: Wednesday, Dec. 20 <--Take this one lightly, they unfortunately haven't been nearly as consistent as FedEx for us

There are a couple faster options as I mentioned, and they'll cut off a day or 2 in most cases.

It's worth mentioning that these times are estimates for if WE ship them on these days. If you order on that day, please don't expect it to go out that day. Our current processing is approximately 2-4 business days. We will continue to process orders in the order they were received.


You can pick it up!

Live in Columbus or close enough that you want to just pick it up? We can definitely facilitate that. We are on the east side of Columbus and you can pick it up at our facility during business hours. Please put a note on your order and send us a quick message to confirm.


Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly :)

Or simply use our contact form, which effectively goes to the same place: HERE