Push Pin World Map - Deep Espresso

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Push Pin World Map - Deep Espresso

Experience the world. Bring it home. Meet the Deep Espresso push pin world map.

The Deep Espresso world map is inspired by that first cup of coffee with its rich browns and creamy tans. It works well with traditional decor and will deliver that extra boost you need to plan your next trip!

  • All major cities are labeled using the most up-to-date map data
  • Personalize the legend style and add your own header, pin lines or quote
  • Includes two boxes of approximately 50 push pins in your choice of colors
  • Ready-to-hang with all hardware included
  • Choose from 5 sizes to fit your space
  • Canvas is wrapped around 1/4" cork-backed frame to hold pins in place

The Mercator projection featured on this map is one of the most famous projections. It was the standard for nautical navigation because of its ability to represent lines of constant true direction. Later, it became a staple in classrooms to teach world geography.

Our poster map is a budget-friendly alternative featuring the same unique designs. Find a frame for it, add pin stickers or DIY your own push pin map! Please note that the poster map does not come with pins or a frame.

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