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Yikes! Haunted Planes, Boats, and Trains!

Yikes! Haunted Planes, Boats, and Trains!

Every year, October inspires Halloween enthusiasts to travel far and wide for the perfect spooky season experience. But sometimes, it’s not the destination that is the scariest part… it’s the transportation!

From haunted planes to boats to trains, there are creepy modes of transportation around the world that make the perfect destination for thrill seekers and ghost hunters alike (whether the scares are for real is up to you to decide!)

Here are the most interesting scary travel experiences we have found for the ultimate spooky vacation experience!


Haunted Planes

A spooky airport


1. Heathrow Airport - Longford, England

The Heathrow Airport is a popular destination for true ghost seekers looking for a real ghost sighting!

This ghastly tale dates back to 1948, when a plane met its fiery demise on its way back into the airport. The catastrophe took the lives of 19 people, most of which passed on to the other side peacefully – except for one!

One of the passengers of this haunted plane has stuck around for decades, searching for his briefcase and even asking fellow airport goers if they have seen it. He has been spotted around the airport and even on the runways!

In fact, airport security was once called out to a runway when radars caught a glimpse of a man there… but of course, he had vanished by the time security arrived. If that sends chills down your spine, imagine being approached by the forlorn passenger yourself!


2. O’Hare International Airport - Chicago, Illinois

The O’Hare International Airport is the largest airport in Illinois – and the most haunted!

Like the previous haunted plane story, this one is marred by tragedy. In 1979, a plane crashed less than a mile from the runway, tragically taking the lives of all of the passengers and crew members.

To this day, apparitions of these poor souls have appeared throughout the field and airport, and even in the nearby trailer park, where residents claim ghosts come knocking when they are looking for their luggage!


3. Duluth International Airport - Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth, Minnesota is known for paranormal activity throughout the city, but its airport takes the cake for the most haunted attraction in town!

While this one isn’t technically a haunted plane story, the legend encompasses the entire airport. According to the tale, a woman was murdered nearby and her attacker fled into the airport terminal.

She has been seen by security guards searching the airport for her murderer, and even sets off occasional alarms or opens and closes doors. The airport never rests, and neither does she!


Haunted Boats

A ghost boat


1. Haunted Bayou Cruise - St. Louis, Missouri

All of the local legends of spirits and cryptids alike are brought to life on the Haunted Bayou Cruise in St. Louis!

Rumors of spirits, ghouls,curses, and even reptilians have haunted the area for years. The theatrical narrated tour is one hour long and tells the tales of the souls lost in the Missouri marsh and local legends that have followed the area’s residents for decades!

And the best part? Proceeds from this haunted boat tour go to Animal AID, an organization working to create an animal sanctuary in a nearby city!


2. USS Constellation - Baltimore, Maryland

Built in 1854, the historical USS Constellation was the last sail-only warship to be used by the US Navy. Beyond its historical value, it is also known to be one of the most haunted ships in the world!

Throughout its lifetime, it was the scene of many violent and gruesome incidents involving its crew. And it seems that some of the victims haven’t been able to let go!

Visitors and tour guides report seeing ghostly apparitions above and below its decks. Sailors and prisoners from the 1800s even recorded paranormal activity, like seeing dead shipmates or levitating cookware.

If a truly haunted boat experience is what you are looking for, add Maryland to your next road trip itinerary!


3. SS William A Irvin - Duluth, Minnesota

Minnesota is such a spooky state that it makes our list twice!

The SS William A Irvin was used to carry ore and coal across the Great Lakes from 1938-1978. Life on the ship was dangerous work, and the cargo ship is now considered to be haunted by former crew members. One particular ghost is thought to have stuck around after a horrific boiler room incident – yikes!

If you happen to be ghost hunting in Duluth in October, you can embark on a self-guided ghost tour of the ship… if you’re brave enough!


Haunted Trains

A spooky, empty train station


1. The Haunted Ghost Train - Ely, North Carolina

Each October, the mountain town of Ely, North Carolina hosts a spook-tacular train ride through a variety of creepy sights along the railway and through dark, damp tunnels. As you rush through the chilly October night, you might spot UFOs, ghoulish hitchhikers, bustling “ghost towns,” and more!

This haunted train ride is the work of over 100 local volunteers that show up in their best back-from-the-dead attire to scare and thrill the fright seekers as the train makes its way toward the Old Ruth Mine.

In addition to the train ride, there is a ghost walking tour that you can take through the town, where many buildings are thought to be haunted. Who knows what kind of paranormal activity you will encounter when the sun goes down?!


2. Haunted Trolley Tours - Atchison, Kansas

While the quaint town of Atchison boasts a population of only a little over 10,000, it is widely considered the most haunted town in Kansas (the Travel Channel has even made a documentary series on the topic).

The town offers a haunted train ride attraction every weekend in October to give visitors a full education on the spirits that still reside in the town, decades after their deaths. The trolley ride is one hour long and fully narrated, so you won’t miss a single spooky detail!

Afterward, you can tour different haunted houses or book a night at the McInteer Villa… Who knows who will join you (in spirit)?


3. Ghosts & Gravestones - Boston, Massachusetts

“Scary” and “educational” do not have to be mutually exclusive. The Ghosts & Gravestones Trolley Tour combines American history with a frightfully fun time!

The tour begins with on-foot exploration of two of Massachusetts’s oldest burial sites. Just keep your eyes peeled for any haunted activity as you check out the graves of American historical icons like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and more!

Next, the haunted train tour will take you through the most ghostly parts of Boston, and the Omni Parker House, which is known to be the city’s most haunted hotel!


Now that you know all the best places for ghost hunting, where are you headed first? Be sure to let us know if you run into anything… paranormal :)

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