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Why Fall at the Beach is Better

Why Fall at the Beach is Better

How many summer vacations have you spent fighting for a spot on a crowded beach, burning through your sunscreen, and waiting for hours on end for an open table at a boardwalk restaurant?

If that made you cringe, then you’re familiar with the chaos of popular beaches during the summertime. The solution is simple: hit the beach in the fall!

Here are five reasons why an off-season beach trip is more enjoyable!


1. Less crowds!

A woman sits along on a beach in cool weather


Open beaches where all the best spots are yours for the taking. Restaurants that seat you as soon as you walk in. Boardwalks with no lines in sight. And with less beachgoers, the sandy shores are cleaner. If this sounds perfect to you, then you will love beachgoing in the cooler months.


2. Not too hot, not too cold.

A woman stand alone on the beach drinking a nice beverage


Ideally, you want warm weather for your beach vacation. However, this doesn't have to mean sweltering heat. Many beaches will still see temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s during the fall season. Much better than the 90+ degree conditions you might see during the peak season!


3. Less expensive, more fun!

A father and his child are getting in a little boat


When you visit the beach in the fall, you can do a lot more with the same budget. Flights and lodging will be cheaper in the off season, as will many of the attractions. You can visit museums, art galleries, amusement or water parks, and more at a discount!


4. Seashell collecting at its finest.

A father and his kid are digging for seashells and having fun


Maybe you’re an avid collector of seashells and sea glass or you just delight in occasionally snagging up some prime specimens on your trip. Either way, all the best seashells will be yours for the taking during the autumn with less competition from other beachgoers. The stormier weather during the fall can even bring in a larger amount of beautiful shells!


5. Unbelievable scenery.

A view of the beach in autumn with some trees with changing leaves


The sight of the endless ocean over the horizon and the waves rolling on the sandy shores is always a beautiful sight. Combined with the changing leaves and stunning sunsets of fall, it is breathtaking! Be sure to bring your camera, because you will want to remember these views.


Have you experienced fall at the beach yet? If not, give it a try this year and let us know what you think. Be sure to keep track of the coastlines you’ve visited so far and mark your favorite!

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