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Why Couples Should Travel Together

Why Couples Should Travel Together

Lots of Reasons!

My wife and I have been to numerous places around the world together, and we're nowhere close to being done! Traveling as a team has become an integral part of our lives and has allowed us to grow closer through the years. With the latest twist, we now have a baby to bring along with us on most of our trips!

Despite how often we travel together, every trip we take as a couple ends up being a completely fresh and exciting journey for us. Many people prefer solitude while traveling, and others prefer a group of friends. But one of the absolute best ways to travel is with a significant other. Here are our top three reasons for why couples should travel together:


1. Collaborating on a Dream Project

Couples travel together because they share their lives. It’s a pretty simple concept. Traveling gives you and your partner a specific dream, and planning the trip allows you two to turn that dream into a reality.

Setting and then accomplishing a goal as a duo is no small feat. It permits you to:

  • Plan the logistics of a trip
  • Encourage each other
  • Decide what’s most important for you both

And when all's said and done, it gives you a moment that the both of you can look back upon and feel proud of for having fulfilled.


2. Couple Traveling is a Learning Experience

There is no better teacher than experience, and the learning it provides is invigorating from start to finish.

Traveling is, by nature, a process of discovery. It gives you the awesome opportunity to live and breath in an entirely new environment. It’s basically like flipping through a National Geographic magazine, except that you and your partner are actually in it!

A huge part of that learning experience is being with a new culture. You get to meet incredible people, taste unique food, and smell interesting aromas. And not only do you get to see all of these new things with your own eyes, but through the lens of your partner’s eyes as well.


3. Traveling Helps Refine Relationships

What each one of you senses might be exactly the same or way different from each other. By sharing these experiences on the road, you and your partner are blessed with the chance to really get to know each other beyond your comfort zones.

To that end, couple traveling also provides an opportunity to improve relationships, which includes cultivating already blossoming relationships and nurturing or healing wounded ones. No matter what state your relationship is currently in, traveling can be the factor that helps drive it forward.


In Conclusion...

At the end of the day, couples travel (and live) together because they want to share experiences that will help expand their mind and open their heart to each other and to the rest of this beautiful world. Couple traveling can ultimately be a life-changing undertaking, and one that you and your partner most certainly deserve.

It was for exactly this reason that Conquest Maps exists. You may not know it, but our very first maps actually all said "Our Conquest" instead of "The World" because it was all about traveling together. While you can make it say whatever you want now, our maps are still perfect for a young couple (or an experienced one) to display their adventures and recount those memories that only they have together. Find the one that represents you and your significant other!

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