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What is the #1 Travel Destination in the World?

What is the #1 Travel Destination in the World?

In The Heart of Indonesia...

Admittedly, the #1 travel destination in the world is certainly tough to settle on. That being said, we've come to the conclusion that the current winner for the #1 travel destination in the world is Bali, Indonesia.


From Heavenly Beaches to Infernal Volcanoes

Bali Blue Flames

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Most people head to Bali for its renowned collection of beaches. If you love surfing or blasting through high waves, the beaches in Kuta and Nusa Dua are just the regions for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer a chill, less-populated vibe, head right on over to the eastern shores of Bali, where divine white sand beaches, like Pandangbai and Blue Lagoon, await.

Live volcanoes are a thing in Bali. Not to worry—the people (and animals) in each volcanic area warn its visitors well in advance of any incoming danger, and trust me when I tell you that they are worthwhile to visit. A huge advantage of Bali is that it is surrounded by tons of islands nearby that also have amazing beaches, water activities, and unique trails in their own right.

Just a short, 30-minute ferry ride away from Bali, for example, rests the Ijen Crater, which sparks distinctive blue flames on select evenings. A bunch of affordable cruises daily ship out from the various Balinese coasts. And you can also reach many of the cozier islands via cost effective speed boat rides.

The People and Culture

Bali Rice Fields

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Beyond its incredible nature walks, mountain hikes, temple visits, safari explorations, and beach tans, Bali is home to millions of warm and inviting people. Their hospitality is unrivaled, in part because of their local know-how and relatively excellent command of multiple foreign languages, but more so due to their sincere kindness (they respect you regardless of your race, religion, or appearance).

With every rich culture, of course, comes delicious food. Their ayam, “chicken,” is an absolute must-try, be it fried, grilled, or seared on a stick. Watch out—the Balinese love spicy food! Fortunately, Bali also has some of the softest, most elegant bread I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.


Best Time to Visit the #1 Travel Destination in the World

Bali Beach

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To be fair, there’s really no bad time for you to visit Bali. It’s just that kind of place. There are, however, more optimal times depending on personal taste. The dry season, from May to October, is ideal for surfers because of the consistently huge waves and for hikers since the trails are easier to trek. A visit in the fall is probably the best for you, if you prefer avoiding crowds.

So, are you inspired to visit Bali? Good! Now you’re ready to move on to the invigorating next step of planning. And soon enough, you’ll be heading to the #1 travel destination in the world.

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