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The Travel Lovers Valentine's Gift Guide

The Travel Lovers Valentine's Gift Guide

Do you feel more in love with your partner when traveling or trying new things together? It's all science! Couples who travel together are proven to have healthier, happier relationships. Dopamine is released when traveling and you are also spending quality time together, learning to communicate better and sharing in common goals and desires.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Did you procrastinate booking a romantic retreat or want to ditch the cliche roses and chocolates? Whether you are a blooming new relationship, newlyweds or long time lovers, we have you covered with inspiration for Valentine's gift ideas for your favorite frequent flier!

Personalized Push Pin Map

Push pin maps are the perfect gift for every stage of a relationship... from the very beginning of your journey together to later down the road when it’s time to plan your next big escape!

Make it special! You can pick from a variety of styles, regions and sizes to fit your tastes. The legend is customizable to chart adventures of his and hers, solo and together. Add your names, anniversary date or whatever your little heart desires!

Add a set of heart pins to mark your hometowns and favorite destinations. You can choose from Red, Silver, Gold or Rose Gold pins.

Couple’s Adventure Challenge

Whether you are in a new relationship or longtime lovers, adventurous date ideas are an exciting way to spice up your regular dinner and a movie date night. You can learn a lot about each other and grow together as a team as you are pushed out of your comfort zone together.

Add a dose of excitement to your relationship with the Couple’s Adventure Challenge! With this book as your guide, you and your sweetheart will experience unique and adventurous date ideas at every turn.

What makes this gift even more thrilling? Each challenge is a surprise! You don’t know what the adventure will be until you scratch off the secret foil. You can then document your date with the included Polaroid camera. Whether you are recreating your grandparents first date or splashing each other in paint, you and your honey will experience each other in completely new ways and have a keepsake to look back on for years to come!

A lower budget option is creating an Adventure Date Jar. Just print out the 101 fun and unique ideas such as: relive your childhoods, purposely get lost or sneak into a hotel pool. Fold them up and add them to a jar and then pull an idea out whenever you are in need of a little fun!

Destination Scented Candles

Scents of your favorite destination traveled together can bring back so many special memories. Burn a Travel Scented Candles over a romantic dinner or while cuddled up watching a movie together. Enjoy the scents of warm croissants and espresso reminiscent of the cafes in France, the saltwater and sunscreen of the 10,000 beaches of Australia... and so many more!

Or choose your lover's home state (or favorite state to visit). Can't beat the chocolate peanut butter delight of an Ohio buckeye or the sweet scent of Georgia peaches.

Intersection of Love Print

Commemorate the moment your paths first crossed and look forward to walking down the same road together for years to come with this personalized framed art. Add you and your sweethearts last names and the special dates you share.

If you spend more times outside of your home check out the love crossing sign.

Compass Necklace

Instead of opting for the generic and overdone heart shaped necklace, take it in a different direction for your traveling woman with a dainty, sterling silver Compass Necklace. It will keep her travel dreams and desires close to her heart as she navigates through life. This compass will remind her to enjoy and appreciate the journey!

Chocolate Passport Set

Ditch the cliche and commercialized heart box of chocolates. Your favorite traveler will love this Chocolate Passport Set featuring eight single-origin dark chocolate bars sourced from premier cocoa growing locations around the world! Just like a passport tells your personal travel story, this set of chocolate bars tell a story of their own.

Passport Stamp Decals

Cover your walls, just like you've filled the pages of your passport over the years with Passport Stamp Decals. Grab a stamp decal for every country you have visited with your partner and personalize it with the date of arrival. These stamps look great as a collection, to mimic the pages of your passport.

Ancestry DNA Kit + Heritage Tour

This thoughtful gift really pulls at the heartstrings! The Ancestry DNA Heritage tour is a sentimental way to help your loved one connect with their roots and uncover their family story in far-off destinations. First, they will take the AncestryDNA test included and then a genealogist will help build a family tree. Travelers will have the option to add on site or home visits to specific villages or towns their ancestry searches lead them to. Currently Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Germany are available with more countries to come!

World Map Watch

A gorgeous accessory for the worldy man or woman in your life! There are tons of great options out there for him and her, from the sleek and modern look of the men's world map watch to the bright watercolor effect of the women's world watch.

World of Teas Sampler Pack

Let the object of your affection sip gourmet loose leaf teas from around the world with this Tea Sampler Variety Pack. It includes 15 teas including: Bombay Chai, Moroccan Mint, African Solstice, Sencha and Estate Darjeeling.

Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Start your sweethearts morning with a cup of international delight - roaster to perfection! You can indulge in the ultimate World Coffee Tour together with 16 gourmet coffees from the world's top coffee producing regions. Enjoy chocolaty Latin American coffees, fruit-forward African roasts, earthy Sumatran blends, and everything in between. Includes 1.8 pounds of freshly roasted whole bean coffee, tasting notes, brewing tips and artisan chocolates. Yum!

Couples Adventure Print

Choose up to four destinations you’ve been with your significant other to feature in this darling Adventure Print. Customize it further with your names and a special date, such as an anniversary as a special keepsake for years to come!

100 Dates Scratch off Poster

Take the stress out of planning a fun date night with a 100 dates scratch off poster. Discover fun new possibilities together such as cocktail making class, silent disco rock climbing and more. Pair it with a poster frame for that finishing touch!

Adventure Fund Box

The Adventure Fund Box is a great way to encourage saving up for that next big trip together! Insert loose coins or bills into the slot at the top and watch your savings add up! Europe here we come!

Matching Passport Covers

Personalize these beautiful Matching Passport Covers with you and your partners names. There are dozens of designs to choose from. They not only protect your passport but also make it simple to access your cards, bills and travel documents which you can organize in each of the available slots inside. They are also water-resistant to help keep everything inside dry and equipped with RFID Blocking Technology to protect your cards, ID card, and driver’s license from skimmers and identity thieves. A great complement to this gift are matching luggage tags.

These gifts are sure to impress the globetrotter in your life and make them fall in love all over again!

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